Culture — Celebrating four years in business, new show features artists from The Allison Inn and Spa

It’s been four years since Art Elements Gallery opened, in part because of the artists featured at The Allison Inn and Spa.

While Loni Parrish, part owner of the Allison, was curating the spa’s collection, she invited some of the selected artists to display their work in her new gallery, Art Elements. As a celebration of sorts to the shop’s success, many of those artists will return for a monthlong show at the GARY ALLEN - Popular artist - A painting by local artist Romona Youngquist (center) is featured in the Art Elements Gallery show displaying artists from The Allison Inn collection. The show opened March 27.

“We have a lot of people who come to the gallery who were up there (at The Allison) and saw the art and really enjoyed it, and that’s how we got started at the gallery here,” said Lauren Wylie, gallery manager of Art Elements. “That’s the private collection up there, but we want to be able to showcase the artists here.”

The show opened March 27 with about 20 different artists ranging in style from modern to traditional.

“The art is kind of what we normally carry quite a bit,” Wylie said.

Most of the collection will be paintings, as is most of the collection at the Allison. But the show itself really stems from visitors’ desire to see more from the celebrated artists.

“We developed this show with those requests in mind. We are excited to bring in new works by Robert Schlegel (creator of the birds in the Allison’s lobby areas), Romona Youngquist (large barn painting in the main lobby), Theresa Andreas-O’Leary (birch trees in the spa), Michael Orwick (vineyard paintings) and several more,” she said.

She added that people will be especially excited about the Youngquist paintings.

“We’ve had countless people come in looking for something similar to that painting (the barn painting in the lobby),” Wylie said.

Looking forward, she said they are happily representing the 60 artists featured in the gallery.

“We look forward to continuing to grow our consulting and corporate clients,” Wylie said. “We’ve been honored this year to have our art go in (Oregon Health and Sciences University’s) new Skourtes Tower in Portland and several new business offices throughout the Willamette Valley.”

The show will run until April 19. For more information, visit

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