Monthly weather column says December provided weather watchers with a little of everything

By Lewis Schaad for the Graphic

We had just about everything weather-wise this December. Some days were mostly sunny, some days were socked in with fog, some with snow and freezing rain and some with just rain.

This December we received 5.09 inches of precipitation; last year we received 17.25 inches. The December average is 6.95 inches of precipitation. The driest year was in 1992 with 1.12 inches.

We ended the calendar year with 50.45 inches of precipitation, compared to 49.87 inches last year. Our driest year was in 1985 with 25.28 inches and the wettest was in 1996 with 73.49 inches. Our annual average is 43 inches.

About 25.92 inches of precipitation was received for the first quarter of the water year. The driest quarter was in 1977 with 3.87 inches of precipitation. Last year we had 28.84 inches. The average is about 17 inches.

Our December average high temperature was 39.2 degrees, compared to last year's 45.1 degrees, and the average low temperature was 30.4 degrees compared to 36.6 degrees last year.

Some of the winter chores are getting done. The chainsaws are getting tuned up so they will be ready when the orchards dry a bit. Some of the vineyards are beginning to prune the vines and the bird feeders need to be refilled once or twice a week. Even some of the early blooming plants are showing catkins.

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