Northside Community Church will host a lecture series to help answer some of the tougher questions people have about scripture

As part of its goal to teach through the entire Bible in 2017, Northside Community Church is hosting a lecture series to help answer some of the tougher questions people have about scripture.

The series will kick off Feb, 23 when Beth Habecker and Steve Delamarter will tackle how science and the Bible approach origin and creation.

The married couple will speak from their own areas of expertise; Delamarter is an Old Testament scholar and professor at Portland Seminary and Habecker is a neuroscientist at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Their presentation, "How Do We Read God's Two Books: Genesis, Big Bang Cosmology and the Human Genome," will run from 7 to 9 p.m. and explore the rules that Christian theologians use to interpret the scriptures and the rules Christian scientists use to interpret the natural world.

Northside directional team pastor Trisha Welstad, who also holds positions at George Fox University and Warner Pacific University, said the pair will also address what to do when the testimony of creation seems to violate some long-held doctrines about the world and the role of humans in it.

"I think a lot of people are realizing things are more connected than we think, we just don't know how," Welstad said. "The scriptures are not a science book, so we're asking the questions and letting Steve and Beth share with us how they work together well and bringing it from their particular fields of expertise."

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