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Portland's Opinions

February 26, 2015

Our Opinion: Vaccination issue begs for open debate

by Editorial Board
Last Friday, Gov. Kate Brown said that Oregon needs to have “a broader discussion” about the death penalty and criminal justice system. We also feel the same approach needs to be taken with the…
February 26, 2015

My View: Oregon has tough love for environment

by Adam Davis, DHM Research
When it comes to our state’s future, we Oregonians often are divided (sometimes deeply) on such things as what the role of government should be, how much to tax ourselves, and what to spend the…
February 26, 2015

My View: Give rape victims more time to fight back

by Danielle Tudor
Right now, Oregon’s state Legislature is about to consider bills to change our six-year statute of limitations on prosecution of rape crimes without DNA evidence. (I’m proud to say we have no…
February 24, 2015

Readers' Letters: Growth boundary makes Portland quite…

by None
I have been attending Portland city planning meetings since 1994. When the new zoning map changed my single-family home property to be zoned for high density, I decided I needed to keep a close…
February 24, 2015

My View: Parents help everyone by vaccinating kids

by Dr. Paul Lewis
Misery. That is all I could think when I walked into the hospital room and saw the 2-year-old boy screaming in his crib. His bloodshot eyes hadn’t closed for hours. An endless stream of snot…
February 19, 2015

Our Opinion: The governor's office can shine again

by Editorial board
As Oregon Gov. Kate Brown steps into office this week, the 2015 legislative session is off and running, and the public’s collective head is still spinning from the swiftness of former Gov. John…
February 19, 2015

My View: Pamplin partnership fills journalism gaps

by Mark Garber
In his final public statement as Oregon governor, John Kitzhaber evaded personal responsibility for the ordeal he put his state through, resorting instead to a worn-out excuse of too many fallen…
February 19, 2015

My View: Portland media created feeding frenzy

by Mitch Greenlick
Those of you who regularly follow the MitchMessage during the legislative session know I use the vehicle to both record and report my experiences in the House of Representatives and to reflect…
Photo Credit: PORTLAND TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber failed to slow the growing scandal at a press conference before the start of the 2015 Oreon Legislature.
February 13, 2015

Kitzhaber failed to protect his office's integrity

by Editorial board
With his welcome decision to resign on Friday, Gov. John Kitzhaber’s personal house of cards came tumbling down. His abdication was assisted by a hard push from leaders of his own party, and…
February 12, 2015

Our Opinion: Rape prosecutions shouldn't be limited

by Editorial board
Victims of rape and sexual assault must cope with their emotional pain for life. Why, then, does Oregon law allow the people who perpetrate these crimes to be freed from the threat of…

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Feb 12, 2015

Readers' letters: Clinton problems come from Division…

by None
I live only a couple of blocks from this stretch of Clinton and Division streets. I walk a lot, bicycle occasionally and drive my car when I need to go more than just a few miles (Clinton Street…
Feb 10, 2015

My View: Pembina plan puts safety on the line

by Barbara Quinn
The propane terminal proposed by the Canadian company Pembina Pipeline Corp. would locate 10 large propane tanks holding 33.6 million gallons on the banks of the Columbia River in a flood and…
Feb 10, 2015

My View: Politicizing special ed hurts students

by Dana Brenner-Kelley
When it comes to integration, where children are served is only a small part of the problem. I find it telling that the Tribune article (PPS plan would integrate special ed, Jan. 15) cites that…
Feb 10, 2015

Readers' Letters: Airbnb, renters don't want to cooperate

by Pamplin Media Group
Of course Airbnb and their rentals don’t want to cooperate with the city (Portland to crack down on Airbnb hosts who fail to get permits, Web story, Jan. 21). Ninety-three percent of those…
Feb 05, 2015

Our Opinion: Hayes flap clouds Kitzhaber initiatives

by Editorial Board
There’s really no reason to skirt around the question of whether Cylvia Hayes’ relationship with Gov. John Kitzhaber has put money directly into her bank account. With each new revelation about…
Feb 05, 2015

Two Views: Uber should play by the same rules

by Noah Ernst
Uber’s temporary and illegal entry into Portland in December 2014 has Mayor Charlie Hales and city Commissioner Steve Novick considering overhauls in the city’s private-for-hire transportation…
Feb 05, 2015

Two Views: City should take a ride with Uber

by Brooke Steger
Uber was founded with the goal of connecting anyone with safe, reliable rides wherever and whenever. In less than five years, Uber has helped create a new ride-sharing industry known as…
Feb 03, 2015

My View: CLASS project needs Legislature's support

by Adam Davis
For more than 35 years, I’ve conducted opinion research across the nation (including in every corner of this state) for hundreds of different clients about hundreds of different topics. In my…
Feb 03, 2015

My View: PPS, teachers union making progress

by Margi Brown, Eliza Erhardt-Eisen and John Hirsch
The Portland 80%ers for Educational Excellence successfully advocated for early hiring and incorporating the state statute definition of competency into the recent contract between the Portland…
Feb 03, 2015

Readers' Letters: Driving best option for most commuters

by None
Walking, biking and taking the bus are just not feasible for the vast majority of commuters (Highway initiatives would worsen traffic, guest column, Jan. 22). Today people change jobs often and…