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Portland's Opinions

February 09, 2016

My View: Northwest welcomes parking meters

by Rick Michaelson
Northwest Portland has long been one of the most active and vibrant neighborhoods in the city. Our shops and restaurants attract visitors from across the metropolitan area, and our historic…
February 09, 2016

My View: Refugees in U.S. could be costly, risky

by Elizabeth Van Staaveren
The numbers of migrants fleeing turmoil and poverty around the world are rising astronomically. There are 20 million refugees flooding the world today, The New York Times reports, and one in…
February 09, 2016

Letters: Earning $9.25 an hour isn't 'doing well'

by (none)
A line in an article published recently (“Minimum wage proposal divides East Multnomah County employees, businesses,” Jan. 22) struck a sour chord with me: “Noting that Oregon’s minimum wage is…
February 04, 2016

Our Opinion: Coal deal best path to clean energy

by Editorial board
Compromise achieved through coercion is not the optimal way to plan for Oregon’s energy future. However, it is in the best interests of the state’s two largest electric utilities and their…
February 04, 2016

My View: Disabilities don't negate human rights

by Bob Joondeph
What does it mean to be a person? The Tribune’s article (“The Ethics of Blue’s Body,” Jan. 19) poses this question through the story of Blue and her mother, Cyndy. The article tells the story of…
February 02, 2016

My View: What Oregon voters know, care about

by Adam Davis
Did you hear the starting pistol fire on Jan. 1? We’re off to the races: Election Year 2016. Oregonians will face a number of potentially divisive issues including raising the corporate minimum…
February 02, 2016

My View: Close loophole in mental health law

by Delmar de la Torre Stone
A recent Harris survey has confirmed what we already knew: We are in the midst of a mental health crisis. The survey found that nearly half of Americans think they have, or once have had, a…
February 02, 2016

Letters: There's legal precedent for setting wages

by (none)
Jim Speirs opposes a $15 per hour minimum wage. His letter’s second paragraph calls it “pure foolishness” and the third calls it “absurd.” (Jan. 26 Tribune) He then says, “(T)he scariest thing…
January 28, 2016

Our opinion: Next on the governor's list: a compromise on tax

by Editorial board
When it comes to the proposed gross receipts tax in Oregon, this state’s residents — and particularly their elected leaders — have a choice. They can quickly agree on a reasonable plan to raise…
January 28, 2016

Letters: ODOT remains stuck in 20th century

by Pamplin Media Group
TriMet wants to create a bus rapid-transit line on Powell Boulevard, but this will be nothing more than a regular bus line if the Oregon Department of Transportation gets its way. Because ODOT…

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Jan 28, 2016

My view: Together we can solve housing crisis

by Sam Chase
The idea expressed in Jeff Cole’s “Tap land trusts to create affordable housing” (My View, Jan. 11 Tribune) is a good one. Unfortunately, major constitutional issues make this worthy strategy…
Jan 26, 2016

My View: Reform must restore public's trust

by Rep. Julie Parrish
Many of us have a memory of a special teacher who inspired and mentored us with lessons we carry forward in life. My favorite teacher, a journalist who advised our newspaper class, instilled in…
Jan 26, 2016

Letters: Bailey-Hayes link is ethical question

by (none)
I think the issue (“Link to Cylvia Hayes nonissue, Bailey says,” Jan 21) is not whether or not Jules Bailey and Cylvia Hayes might have once worked for the same nonprofit. The real issue is…
Jan 21, 2016

Minimum wage plan needs more work

by Editorial Board
Sometimes when a public policy initiative gets trashed from opposite ends of the political spectrum, it means the author has found a sensible middle ground. Other times, it means he or she needs…
Jan 21, 2016

Hopeful about the future? Not so much

by John Horvick, DHM Research
How do Oregonians feel about the future of the country? The short answer is, not good. In the past year, large-scale social movements on the left have raised up the voices of communities of…
Jan 21, 2016

On haves, have-nots, wealth and taxes

by Letters from readers
It never ceases to amaze me that an erudite discussion of the impact of the current distribution of wealth contains no mention of its history. When I was growing up, federal taxes on annual…
Jan 19, 2016

Burning metro area's garbage may offer environmental benefits…

by Tom Hughes
As residents of the greater Portland metropolitan area, we share a collective pride about our efforts to reuse, recycle and compost a lot of what we throw away. Metro is charged with managing…
Jan 19, 2016

Burning waste is an unhealthy idea

by Joe Miller
As reported in the Jan. 7 Tribune, the Metro Council is considering sending “one-fifth of the tricounty area’s trash, about 200,000 tons a year,” to the Covanta Marion waste-to-energy…
Jan 19, 2016

What's public benefit in ramp revamp?

by (none)
I read with interest the Jan. 7 article on the desire and need to realign the Morrison Bridge ramps in the wake of the Mark partnership taking control of the site for the proposed James Beard…
Jan 14, 2016

Hales' to-do list notable more for what's absent

by Editorial board
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has ambitious plans for his final year in office, but he also is willing to leave a few large and complicated issues for the next mayor to handle. Between what Hales…