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Portland's Opinions

July 31, 2014

Our Opinion: Latest plan is a bridge to nowhere

by Editorial Board
Clark County Commissioner David Madore is the latest person to propose what superficially seems to be a logical solution to traffic congestion beween Portland and Vancouver. Unfortunately,…
July 31, 2014

My View: Atiyeh's humanity evident in his actions

by Jackie Winters
In spring 2009, former Oregon Gov. Victor Atiyeh was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. I congratulated him at the time on receiving this…
July 31, 2014

My View: Nation must improve care for veterans

by Suzanne Bonamici
For generations, our country has reaped the benefits of a powerful military — a military that has defended our freedom and helped pursue peace and autonomy for other nations abroad. Service…
July 31, 2014

Readers' Letters: Atiyeh went beyond duty to help many people

by No byline
I first met Gov. Vic Atiyeh as a child (Atiyeh’s leadership, spirit earn praise, July 22). As a fifth-grader, I read about the fading gold leaf on the Golden Pioneer statue atop the state…
July 30, 2014


by Adam Davis, DHM Research
When it comes to transportation, street maintenance dominates the discussion. You public officials out there, you’ve got a popular issue. It doesn’t mean you’ll be successful getting money out…
July 24, 2014

Our Opinion: Atiyeh's quiet style a blueprint for today

by Editorial Board
The Oregon that former Gov. Vic Atiyeh led when he took office in January 1979 was a much different place than today. Timber was still the state’s economic king. The symbiotic relationship…
July 24, 2014

Readers' Letters: Street fee hearings exclude constituents

by No byline
Why isn’t there a “residential” work group for stakeholders who are not necessarily low-income, business owners or nonprofits? Does that mean that everyone else in the middle gets ignored?…
July 24, 2014

My View: Tune up your bike, tune up your body

by Mikael Stadden and Bill Larson
Early summer temperatures and longer days mean more cyclists on the roads and trails throughout the Portland area. Whether for recreation, fitness or commuting to work or school, this is the…
July 24, 2014

My View: Local hotels uphold standards, consistency

by Buggsi Patel
As an owner of hotels throughout Oregon and the northwestern United States — including Wilsonville, where I also reside — the timely topic of Airbnb and other short-term online rental properties…
July 22, 2014

My View: It's our turn to invest in transportation…

by Craig Dirksen, Pam Treece and Sandra McDonough
Every day in our region people from all walks of life depend on transit and our system of highways, roads and bridges. From getting to work or to the doctor to getting parts to factories and…

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Jul 22, 2014

My View: Vargas' story a cautionary policy tale

by Debra J. Saunders
The star of a CNN film, “Documented,” journalist Jose Antonio Vargas went to Texas to bring attention to the 57,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border illegally since October. On…
Jul 17, 2014

Our Opinion: A little advice for Oregon's next governor

by Editorial Board
On Friday, July 18, Gov. John Kitzhaber and state Rep. Dennis Richardson will square off in the first gubernatorial debate of the year at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association convention…
Jul 17, 2014

Readers' Letters: Square repairs shouldn't come from bond

by None
I attended the town hall meeting recently held at Cleveland High School where Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz discussed her parks replacement bond proposal (Fritz: Park bond gains…
Jul 17, 2014

My View: 'Postmark' rule puts burden on voting system

by Paul Gronke
The final tally for the 2000 U.S. presidential election in Florida was George W. Bush, 2,912,790 votes, and Al Gore, 2,912,253 votes — a difference of 537 votes. Of course, everyone knows that…
Jul 15, 2014

My View: Citizens, businesses support Foster Road 'diet' because…

by Marcel Hermans
How do we weigh improvements in traffic safety, neighborhood livability and bicycle/pedestrian access against a travel time increase for some drivers? Getting to downtown Portland two minutes…
Jul 15, 2014

My View: Web complicit in 'sugar daddy' murder

by Susan Estrich
The news that Google executive Forrest Hayes died on a yacht after being injected with heroin by a “date” he met on a website that connects “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies” has prompted not…
Jul 10, 2014

Our Opinion: Parks plan must send the right message

by Editorial Board
Portland still doesn’t have a plan to fix its streets, but Commissioner Amanda Fritz is plowing forward with a proposal to repair city parks. And her approach includes a pledge even fiscal…
Jul 10, 2014

Readers' Letters: Road 'diet' doesn't benefit the majority

by None
Thank you for your thoughtful editorial regarding Foster Road and the city’s road “diet” initiatives (Road “diet” shouldn’t starve neighborhoods, editorial, June 26). Some years ago, when…
Jul 10, 2014

My View: High court ruling infringes on women's rights

by Michele Stranger Hunter
On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the Hobby Lobby case. It said that closely held, for-profit companies that maintain religious objections to the federal health care…
Jul 10, 2014

My View: City cycling has more pluses than minuses

by Gil Johnson
Despite vast differences in size and population, New York City and Portland have a lot in common: distinct neighborhoods, innovative restaurants, Stumptown Coffee and lots of bike lanes, to name…