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Is Your Poor Gut Health Making You Miserable?

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NORTHWEST FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE - Dr. Christina BergstromIt Also Could Be Destroying Your Body from the Inside Out! Are any of These Symptoms Is Bothering You?

Stomach Pain or Digestive Symptoms such as Heartburn, IBS, Bloating or Gas, without real explanations as to why it's happening

Skin problems that make you want to hide from the camera

Feeling fatigued and dependent on coffee

Taking medications for gut symptoms with no end in sight

Anxiety, depression and mood issues

It turns out that our digestion affects every part of our body! If you want a healthy gut, medications that cover up symptoms aren't enough. Instead, we have to look for the cause.

A functional medicine doctor can order the right tests and use their unique understanding of how gut health impacts the whole body to help figure out not just a name for your symptoms, but WHY YOU HAVE THEM. We look for causes such as hidden infections or parasites, yeast overgrowth, not having enough good bacteria WORKING FOR YOU, or poor digestion of food (so you're not getting the good nutrients that you need into your body).

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·    Why you can't feel good if you're not properly digesting

·    The anti-aging effects of a healthy gut

·    How medications destroy your gut and steal your nourishment

·    A proven, fail proof system of repairing your gut, and your life!


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