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Is Assisted Living right for you?

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MAGNOLIA INNOVATIVE SENIOR LIVING - Amanda ShieldsAs you or your loved ones age, the need for help with day to day care can increase. Daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating can become more difficult, and the need to maintain a home can be burdensome.

One of the options available to seniors today is Assisted Living. Seniors in assisted living can benefit from around-the-clock assistance while still maintaining substantially more independence than living in a nursing home setting. Typically, assisted living facilities have multiple levels of care; as a senior's care needs change, the facility can adapt.

Assisted living also provides a sense of community for seniors. Instead of the isolation of living at home, these facilities offer many socialization opportunities as well as scheduled programs, exercise, and outings. Residents can balance these opportunities with their own personal needs like communicating with their loved ones.

Assisted living isn't right for everyone, however. Many facilities have apartment-style living, and you may have to share your room with a roommate, while also adjusting to the countless group settings residents can find themselves in. Additionally, some seniors, such as those with moderate dementia or Alzheimer's, may require a higher level of care than these facilities can provide.

Too many times in the past, I have seen patients placed in facilities that are NOT appropriate to their care needs, leading to increased health problems and unhappiness. My innovative placement service will conduct an in-depth assessment to find the right living environment for you. To find out more, contact me today at (503) 819-0308.

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