If it means anything in the Portland art scene, it’s likely been featured on the longtime OPB program “Oregon Art Beat.”

The show turns 15 this year, and OPB and The Peoples Art of Portland plan a special art exhibition celebrating the hundreds of Northwest artists who’ve been featured on the program.

The exhibition runs from April 19 through June 15 on the third floor atrium of Pioneer Place, 700 S.W. Fifth Ave., at The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, the Mark Woolley Gallery and the Art Beat Main Stage Gallery.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with Peoples Art of Portland to create what must surely be a one-of-a-kind retrospective,” says Jessica Martin, “Oregon Art Beat” executive producer, in a news release. “These works, when seen all together in one exhibition create a breathtaking portrait of the creativity in Oregon.”

The curated collection will include paintings, metal work, sculpture, calligraphy, animation, pottery, woodwork, jewelry, performance art, music and more, by a slew of artists including: Lucinda Parker, Catherine Newell, Brenna Tyler, Don Bailey, Jack Portland, Chester Armstrong, Eunice Parsons, Jean Wells, Lillian Pitt, Jeffrey Hull and Ken Standhardt.

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Beat’s going to China

The Beat Goes On Marching Band (TBGO) has a busy year planned with 20 gigs, all as preparation for a big trip to Shanghai. The band will play at the Shanghai Tourism Festival in September. Another highlight: marching in the nation’s oldest Independence Day parade in Bristol, R.I.

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Uncle Cliffy booted

Remaining members of the reality show “Survivor: Cayagan” have voted Cliff Robinson, the ex-Blazer, off the show after the start of the “Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn” portion. did a post-boot interview with Uncle Cliffy. Apparently a former tribe mate, Trish, thought of him as lazy, shady and uncommunicative, and her opinion helped push him out.

Says Robinson on “It’s part of the game, you know? I’ve learned from playing professional sports that you can’t get too caught up emotionally when things don’t go your way. So for me, I knew going into this that it was a possibility I wouldn’t make it to the end, so you just have to take the chips as they fall. ... It was harder (fall) than I expected. It’s called ‘Survivor’ for a reason, and anybody who goes through the experience of being on the show, you’ve gotta give them kudos, because it’s tough out there.”

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