by: COURTESY OF DEREK MORTENSEN - Seth Jones exults with Portland Winterhawks teammate Nic Petan after scoring on Halifax in the Memorial Cup final.Of all the great things coach/general manager Mike Johnston and his staff have done with the Portland Winterhawks over the past few years, establishing great team chemistry ranks at or near the top.

It was heartwarming to hear the players talk and tweet after the Hawks' terrific 2012-13 season that ended with a loss to Halifax in the Memorial Cup final.

This kind of camaraderie doesn't just happen. It takes leadership from the top on down, and the loyal fan support the Winterhawks have built over the years helps, too.

Here are just a few of the tweets:

Captain Troy Rutkowski: Extremely proud and honoured to be part of this team and organization. Not the way we wanted to go out but I couldn't be more proud.

Goalie Mac Carruth: Proud of every single one of my teammates this year I love you all

Forward Taylor Leier, who took that nasty hit to the head during the Memorial Cup tournament: This was the best year of my life, we are the best

Forward Nic Petan: Fell one game short. Very proud of the boys on an unbelievable season. The closest group of guys I've ever been apart of.

Defenseman Josh Hanson: Not the way it should've ended but it was still the best time of my life with an unreal group of guys

• Who had the bigger flop Thursday: LeBron James ($5,000 NBA fine) or Rory McIlroy (career-worst opening round, shooting 78 at Jack Nicklaus' Memorial Tournament?

McIlroy hasn't been able to sustain much good play at all this year, after bursting out to No. 1 in the world. At least it's not a Ryder Cup year.

• I need to do some jaw exercises. That's the only way I could ever compete with P.J. Carlesimo in the contort-your-entire-face-while-you-talk department.

Carlesimo, who already may be my favorite NBA analyst on TV, moves his mouth more than Edgar Bergen doing Charlie McCarthy.

The former Trail Blazers coach gives everything from the neck up a complete workout when he talks — always has.

When ESPN hired him after his undeserved posteason dismissal by the Brooklyn Nets, my only concern was, how do you condense his answers into short sound bites?

P.J. never met a question he didn't like — and didn't like to take five to 10 minutes to answer.

But his thoroughness makes for great commentary and teaching, as he talks you through all the thought processes, options and so forth.

Carlesimo rates another NBA head coaching shot — he's mellowed and continued to learn — but if he doesn't get one and stays in the broadcast booth, that would be a plus for the viewers.

• Tom Trebelhorn won't be in the guy in charge when the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes take the Class A field this season.

The veteran manager from Cleveland High and Portland State is going to be a consultant to the club, working only at home games as a mentor to Salem-Keizer's new skipper, Gary Davenport.

" 'Treb' didn't want any more bus rides to Spokane, Vancouver (B.C.) and all," says Jerry Howard, Volcanoes executive.

Trebelhorn, the 65-year-old former manager of the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs and a member of the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, has bought a beautiful home at Seal Rock, near Newport on the Oregon coast.

• Brittney Griner dunks twice in her WNBA debut. How exciting.

It's great that the 6-8 rookie — how many people even know what team she's playing for? (it's the Phoenix Mercury) — but neither of them were over anybody.

If she starts dunking in J.J. Hickson's face or throws them down against LaMarcus Aldridge, let me know.

That may sound unfair, but the uncontested dunk is about the most boring play in basketball, even by a woman.

Can she at least dunk over a Kia? I'm waiting for that commericial.

And will the NBA invite her to its slam dunk competition during All-Star weekend?

Brittney Griner vs. Terrence Ross or Nate Robinson or Kobe Bryant or LeBron James — let's get it on.

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