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Gladstone police returning WWII medals to family

Gladstone police have located the daughter of a U.S. Army colonel so they can return to the family several WWII medals that were found in a home in Gladstone.

GLADSTONE PD - Lt. Colonel Frank Wilson's medals, found with a historic news article.Frank Wilson earned the Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals for injuries he sustained while in Germany. Wilson's artillery unit was providing support for the U.S. infantry advancing against the Siegfried line in Germany when he was injured by a hand grenade.

Wilson had lived in the house about a year and a half prior, but his whereabouts had been unknown last month. The medals will be presented to the family at noon on Monday, June 27

"My father, Lt. Colonel Frank Brad Wilson, was a patriotic and hardworking soldier," Bliss Wilson wrote. "His whole life was the Army. His career ranged from WWII when he and his battle hardened boys cried when they saw the condition of the Jews in a concentration camp, to his manning the Pentagon's famous Red Phone and later, his commanding a Honest John battalion on the Russian-Turkish border. My family moved 17 times in my first 20 years. Dad was gone so much that my little brothers actually embraced the wrong soldier's legs at an airport because they didn't remember his face. Sadly, not an uncommon mistake for the young children of soldiers. Our soldiers give up normal lives to serve their countries. I am so glad that we can now honor my father properly... the Gladstone Police Department should be commended for your kindness and diligence in trying to find my father's family. It would have been so easy to simply file his belongings away. I will be eternally grateful."

Gladstone Police Officer Eric Graves said it was an honor to return these precious items to Wilson's family.

"We know that our work is merely a small thank you for the sacrifices he and his family made for our county," Graves said.