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Gladstone 'optimistic' about restarting library plan


Gladstone City Administrator Pete Boyce expressed optimism this week that a project to build a new library will make it to the November ballot.

In November 2012, a ballot measure failed that would have combined the Oak Lodge and Gladstone libraries into a new $10 million facility. Boyce related new hope for the project to City Council on Tuesday after meeting May 5 with the Gladstone Library Advisory Committee, which includes members of the Oak Grove community who have expressed concerns about size and location.

“The committee did a good job. I feel pretty optimistic about where we are today,” Boyce said.

He said they discussed three major questions regarding the library plan. Question 1: Should they consolidate with Oak Grove Service Area? He said the majority of citizens said yes.

Question 2: Where should the library be located: The majority prefers Portland Avenue in downtown Gladstone.

Question 3: Should the committee move forward with a 13,000- or a 16,000-square-foot library? “The group was split on this item,” Boyce said.

He says if they build a 13,000-square-foot library, even by conservative estimations, the city would have a little extra money to spend toward another project. Clackamas County is expected to provide $2.3 million to Gladstone for the project.

Clackamas County told Gladstone officials they must inform the county that they have a plan and want the project to be on the November ballot by June 30. Then by August, they must send the ballot title and information to voters to the Clackamas County Elections Office.

“Hopefully, we’re to a point where we can gather community support for such a facility,” Boyce said: “There are still, some details we need to iron out. “

City Council is scheduled to dissect community preferences and work out the kinks of the project at a work session Tuesday, May 27, at 7:30 p.m.