MAX rides will be free all day Monday, TriMet's way of helping to make up for weeklong delays caused by repair work and an accident in the Lloyd District.

"We appreciate our riders patience and understanding during this week long disruption – and so we say 'Thank You' with Free Monday on the MAX on Monday, August 18," says TriMet spokeswoman Angela Murphy.

Repair work was completed on the track and switch replacement at the intersection of Northeast 11th Avenue and Holladay Street on Friday. Normal service on all MAX lines was restored following testing early Saturday.

The cause of the Friday afternoon MAX derailment at the Lloyd Station has not been announced. It prompted TriMet to suspend additional service and dispatch more shuttle buses throughout Friday evening.

"After a rough start, things got smoother on Tuesday, but Friday's derailment added extra transfers and delays, Murphy says.

During the five-day repair project, TriMet and contract crews removed the asphalt, concrete, ties, old rail and switches at the intersection. New rail was placed and welded. After a waterproof membrane liner was installed, new concrete was poured and a polymer grout was added that looks like concrete and is more durable than asphalt.

According to TriMet, the new material bonds strongly to steel and concrete, prevents water penetration and absorbs vibration, dramatically reducing noise as the trains pass.

Finally, the new switch machines were installed, aligned, adjusted and tested.

TriMet says MAX riders will hear and feel the improvements, as the new trackway will create a much smoother crossing. Autos, pedestrians and cyclists that use the intersection will benefit from this improvement project.

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