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Spend time with someone NOT your own age

Brought to you by Marcie Jones, Gentog - Senior Daytime Respite Care INSIDER -

GENTOG - Marcie JonesI believe that we should spend time every day with people that are NOT our own age. At Gentog, I’m blessed to do that. Here are some things I’ve learned that can be helpful to Family Caregivers:

Student, Age 5: When grandma gets mad at me, I giggle. If I giggle, she’ll giggle too (and forget that she is mad).

Volunteer, Age 15: “If I speak softly and politely, people smile and listen. If I’m too loud, things don’t go so well.”

Employee, Age 25: “Pitching in to help before they get frustrated keeps the day peaceful.”

Parent, Age 35: “It DOES take a village to raise my child and all I have to do is ask for help – someone will be there.”

Employee, Age 45: “You look great. I’ve been praying for you.” Simple words that immediately ease the tension in someone’s face.

Client’s daughter, Age 55: “Just knowing there will be relief when I bring her here on Monday helps me get through the weekend.”

Employee, Age 65: “Just being here, helping people, gives me purpose. I need this.”

Client, Age 75: “Good food, good music, good friends. Who could ask for more?”

Client, Age 85: “Hello, friend. I’ve been waiting for you.” Words that bring a smile every time.

Client, Age 95: “Sometimes you just have to get in and have a little fun.”

Step out of your comfort zone this week. Talk to someone that is NOT your own age. You’ll be surprised what you can learn!


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