Nic Cederberg survived 12 bullets fired at him Dec. 25 and is amazing his doctors

COURTESY OF KOIN 6 - Nic Cederberg is shown walking on Jan. 17, another amazing step in his road to recovery after being shot 12 times on Dec. 25.An Oregon State Police trooper shot 12 times on Christmas Day 2016 has taken his first steps since being hospitalized, according to his family.

Trooper Nic Cederberg was injured in a shootout with a man accused of murdering his own wife in King City.

On Jan. 12, Cederberg was able to walk for the very first time since the shooting, moving about 10 feet before taking a short break. On Jan. 14, he walked 342 feet with a walker through five different physical therapy sessions, according to Cederberg's brother Jeff. On Jan. 16, he took 26 steps with only the help of a lower leg brace.

Three weeks earlier, Cederberg thought his right leg was paralyzed, according to his brother. The only feeling he'd had for the previous two weeks was "intense pain and numbness." The trooper described it as "having his leg wrapped in white hot metal" and simply blowing on it would cause intense pain. This was all caused by extensive nerve damage sustained during the shooting.

On Jan. 16, the pain subsided enough for Cederberg to walk again.

The trooper is working "extremely hard" to get back to what he would call normal, and he signs up for as much extra physical therapy as the rehab facility will allow, his brother said.

Cederberg said the only way he's willing to return home is if he can walk through the front door on his own.

Cederberg has made amazing progress in a short time considering the severity of his injuries.

COURTESY OF KOIN 6 - OSP Trooper Nic Cederberg is shown earlier in his recover at OSHU Medical Center.On Dec. 29, four days after the shooting, he spoke for the first time since being hospitalized in critical condition and undergoing multiple surgeries at Oregon Health & Science University. According to the update from Cederberg's brother, Jeff, his condition was improving.

"Tonight Nic was able to talk to us for the first time," Jeff Cederberg said. "He was pretty emotional and sincerely thanked each and every doctor, nurse and all of the support staff for saving his life."

That night, Jeff said Cederberg was moved from the ICU and had another surgery the next day to fix his broken arm, but most of the major repair work for Cederberg's injuries had been addressed.

"The hospital staff claim he is one of the toughest guys they've seen come through the ICU in quite some time," an update reported.

COURTESY OF KOIN 6 - James Tylka is accused of killing his estranged wife Kate in front of his mother's house in King City before leading several police agencies on a chase through Sherwood, where he was killed in a shoot-out with OSP Trooper Nic Cederberg.On Jan. 10, in an update on his GoFundMe page, Jeff Cederberg shared the latest on his brother's condition. He said 32-year-old Nic Cederberg was finally able to enjoy a change of scenery — he was allowed to roam OHSU in a wheelchair with supervision.

Nic gave his brother permission to share some of the details of the injuries he sustained in the shootout. Nic was hit by 12 bullets — five were stopped by his bulletproof vest. The seven other rounds hit Nic in the arms, torso and back. Jeff said Nic's lungs were injured and he was nearly paralyzed.

Nic still has a bullet lodged in his lower spine and will for the rest of his life, his brother said.

Jeff also shared that when other officers arrived, about two minutes after Nic was shot, they packed his bullet wounds before he was taken to the hospital.

The story is courtesy of Pamplin Media Group's news partner, KOIN 6.

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