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Emil and Marge Tack are recognized in newly remodeled facility

Photo Credit: BARBARA SHERMAN - A FITTING TRIBUTE - Brad (left) and Blair Wyatt plus Ed Milford sit in the revamped King City Pro Shop where three flat-screen TVs are now available  in the newly named Tack Room, including one donated by Blair in honor of her parents, Emil and Marge Tack.Emil and Marge Tack were King City pioneers, buying the 139th lot sold in the new subdivision in 1965 and moving into their just-completed home early in 1966.

To add a personal touch to their property, they planted their 1965 Christmas tree at the edge of the golf course in their back yard and all these years later, it still towers over the house.

In a testament to their early association with King City, love of golf and many contributions to the community, the lounge in the revamped Pro Shop has been named the Tack Room.

The three 60-inch, flat-screen TVs in the new lounge are actually a joint donation from the Tacks' daughter and her husband, Blair and Brad Wyatt, plus Prestige Properties, where Brad works.

The idea for the naming of the lounge was kicked off when KCCA board member Denny Gelfand talked to the Wyatts about redoing the Pro Shop and mounting three flat-screen TVs on the walls.

Eric Kuerland, owner of Prestige Properties, Brad and Ed Milford decided to donate the TVs, "but I called Denny and said I wanted to donate one in memory of my parents," Blair said. "They left me some money, and they were avid golfers.

"When they first moved into their house, there were only holes No. 1 and No. 9, and they would go back and forth between them. I wanted to do something to keep their memory alive. Denny asked what their name was, and I said, 'Tack.' He said, 'How about calling it the Tack Room?'"

One TV in the lounge has a plaque that reads, "Donated by Prestige Properties - Eric Kuerland, Ed Milford and Brad Wyatt;" the second TV's plaque reads, "Donated in memory of King City pioneer residents Marge Tack 1965-2011 and Emil Tack 1965-2009;" and the third one reads, "Donated by Prestige Properties - Brad Wyatt."

Photo Credit: BARBARA SHERMAN - NEW DIGS - King City Pro Shop manager Harold Washam stands in the newly remodeled facility, with one of the new donated TVs hanging in the Tack Room behind him.The Pro Shop underwent a major renovation over several months and was completed around the first of July, according to Pro Shop manager Harold Washam.

"It turned out really nice," said Brad, who is also a golfer. Washam agreed, adding, "It's a great improvement over the 1960s' paneling."

When the Tacks bought their lot, they chose the Buckingham model for their new home, and they were interviewed for an article for the April 2009 Regal Courier, reminiscing about the "good old days."

Marge's brother and sister-in-law, Frank and Marvel Grady, had built a house in King City and mentioned there was going to be an open house. The Tacks came and bought a lot, and the rest is history.

The Tacks moved into their new home in January 1966, and although their friends teased them about the far-out location, they enjoyed the quiet, rural lifestyle. Emil joined civic groups such as the Lions club, and they were both avid golfers, joining a group called the Dirty Dozen made up of six couples.

On May 1, 2009, the couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary that included Blair and Brad plus son and daughter-in-law Jerry and Georgia.

Emil died later in 2009, and Marge died in 2011, but they will always be remembered in King City, especially in the Tack Room.

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