by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Helping everyone to have a good time is the BBQs organizer, Kessa Shipley, along with Reed Neighborhood Association President Mark Gossage and the associations Treasurer Michelle Maida, and Past President and Board member Gabe Headrick.The tradition of holding a late summer barbecue was revived in the Reed Neighborhood on the afternoon of Saturday, September 7th, as some fifty people gathered for the celebration on S.E. Raymond Street.

“It’s all about neighborhood connection – building an awareness of your neighbors,” said Reed Neighborhood Association President Mark Gossage, who took a moment away from flipping burgers and turning chicken skewers to speak with THE BEE.

“Holding this annual event ties us all together,” Gossage added. “We all have a common interest – the place where we live.”

Not wanting to take un-deserved credit, the neighborhood association’s Board members pointed out Kessa Shipley as the barbeque’s organizer

“I think it’s important for our kids get to know each other, especially nowadays, when people don’t get out that much,” Shipley smiled. “So much of the time, they are involved with videogames or are online.

“It’s also nice for our kids to meet members of all the different generations of neighbors we have here,” remarked Shipley. “You get to learn all kinds of things. Like us today, I learned that this whole area, at one time, was a blueberry farm!”

In the shade of a neighbor’s tree, the neighbors met and mingled, enjoyed a good meal together, and – in doing so – strengthened the bonds that many attending told us is the very fabric of a community.

“Connectedness; it looks like this!” Gossage exclaimed. “Just look around! Overall, it's a good time.”

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