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by: DAVID F. ASHTON - A first look at where youll be driving, in a year or so! Workers have been building forms between the concrete girders for the new eastside approach of the new Sellwood Bridge. During July, most of the work on the Sellwood Bridge construction project was focused on constructing the new interchange and bridge approach on the west side of the Willamette River, at Highway 43.

Nonetheless, some crewmembers were scrambling around the on the east side, building concrete forms to support the deck of the bridge’s approach.

As we looked up from under that approach on the Sellwood side, the pre-stressed girders installed in May were completely obscured by wooden beams and plywood. Workers at the area told THE BEE that that temporary structure is a safety walkway for crews to use, while they build the concrete forms.

Over at the western end of the east-side “work bridge”, other workers prepared the box caisson on Bent 5 near the center of the river.

“They’re installing forms and rebar for the last section of Bent 5’s pier wall, and the ‘angel wing’ attachments that will stretch out from the sides of each pier to support the steel arch spans,” observed Multnomah County project spokesman Mike Pullen, who was our guide.

Our tour at the end of the work bridge abruptly ended, as an enormous crane started lifting a massive rebar cage, ready for it to be lowered into place, and we were shooed out of the way.

Keep up to date on the project by regularly visiting online: www.sellwoodbridge.org.

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