Proceeding through a green light is no longer assurance you won't get hit

DAVID F. ASHTON - This Hyundais front end was ripped off by a Chevy pickup truck that reportedly ran a red light at S.E. Foster and 52nd and then overturned, its driver running away. Traffic was rerouted around the intersection of S.E. 52nd Avenue and Foster Road, on Thursday, December 22, at 2:57 p.m., after a pickup truck smashed into a car and flipped.

A man and woman, looking slightly dazed, were standing near their Hyundai Sonata, where the front end of the car had just been torn off.

The driver said they'd been headed eastbound on S.E. Foster Road, and had a green traffic signal as they approached 52nd Avenue. "Like a flash, a [northbound] Chevy truck blasted through a red light, ripped off the front of our car, and then rolled over and slid on its side," the driver told THE BEE.

Portland Police Bureau East Precinct units flooded the area, looking for the female driver of the pickup truck who'd run eastward on Foster Road, according to witnesses, after climbing out of the wrecked vehicle.

While a passenger in the pickup truck was treated for a cut hand – and told officers he didn't know the name of the driver. No official report yet on whether the hit-and-run driver had been found and arrested.

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