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The Sellwood Bridge replacement work is just about complete, now

DAVID  F. ASHTON - Workers pour concrete as they complete the sidewalk near the bank of the Willamette River under the new Sellwood Bridge. In late January and on through February, workers completed the remaining small projects connected with the new Sellwood Bridge project.

Although some residents of Sellwood Harbor Condominiums, located just south of the bridge, voiced objections, the river's edge pathway has been restored. "Part of the bridge project included rebuilding and improving the path that was there before the project began – and which, during construction, was closed, because it was part of the work zone," commented Multnomah County project spokesman Mike Pullen.

As reported in THE BEE, rock filled gabions were set in to stabilize the riverbank along the 360 foot long during the summer. "The path does not continue south of the Portland Rowing Club," Pullen observed.

The cost to pave the trail with asphalt was approximately $25,000, plus additional expense to build the gabion walls to support the trail, Pullen said. "We are restoring the slope, adding landscaping, and paving the path."

How did they clear the blackberry bushes there? "A goat herd did a good job removing most of the brush," Pullen grinned.

In February, motorists crossing the bridge may have noticed workers tinkering with the traffic signal at S.E. 6th Avenue and Tacoma Street.

"This was not the much-anticipated work by Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) that will combine the north and south signal phases for S.E. 6th Avenue, to provide more time for the main east/west movement on Tacoma Street," explained Pullen. "Workers with O'Neill Electric were just tightening bolts, applying permanent labeling of cables, replacing fuse holder set-screws, and installing strain relief on cables.

"It will be PBOT crews who will be responsible for changing the timing of the signal, and installing the temporary signs for the traffic control change," added Pullen. But Multnomah County's work on the new bridge is done.

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