Three cars tangle in a tilty, sunken intersection in Brentwood-Darllington

DAVID F. ASHTON - Evidently protected from the impact by the airbags deploying, occupants of both vehicles did not require medical attention. A crash involving two vehicles wrecked them sufficiently that they both had to be towed away from the intersection of S.E. 52nd Avenue and Flavel Drive in Brentwood-Darlington. It happened at about 2:15 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, February 4.

An East Precinct police officer at the scene commented that a Toyota Highlander had been northbound, heading uphill on 52nd Avenue, as it neared the intersection.

At the same time, a Subaru Forester was southbound on 52nd Avenue, and made a quick left turn to head east on Flavel Drive – right in front of the Toyota SUV.

The resulting T-bone side-impact crash caused airbags in both vehicles to deploy.

Emergency first responders arrived, expecting that there would be injuries from the smashup; but that proved not to be the case. "The occupants were a bit shaken, but no one was transported by ambulance to a hospital for evaluation or injury care," reported an officer at the scene.

"This is a dangerous intersection," the officer reflected, indicating that 52nd turns downward towards Johnson Creek below just prior to the crossing, and Flavel Drive bends downward on both sides of the intersection as well. "Drivers need to be watchful, and wait for traffic to clear, before proceeding."

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