The angry rancor was replaced with a peaceful neighborhood party -- a start at restoring the character of Eastmoreland

DAVID F. ASHTON  - Retired Woodstock Library Childrens Librarian and bassist Peter Connor Ford musically accompanied Bert Sperlings musical alter ego Hank Sinatra. On May 13, amidst a pelting hailstorm in the afternoon, several neighbors who question the Eastmoreland Historic District process put aside that issue for a party they called "Fun for a Change" at 3616 S.E. Knapp Street, inside – out of the weather – in the building formerly known as the Eastmoreland Market.

"We wanted have a party to bring everyone together and learn from each other," Chen told THE BEE. There were no posters, flyers, Notary Publics, or lawn signs campaigning for or against the proposed historic district there. "We've invited everyone to the party, and everybody is welcome here!

"We're not even talking about the historic district," he added. "What we're really talking about this afternoon is whether or not to have another ice cream and hot dog."

About the venue, Chen said that when he purchased the former business building, he wanted to see his "front room" space, where he keeps his historic printing presses, be a space where the community could come together.

So, he and his friends divvied up tasks; some got hot dogs from Otto's Sausage Kitchen, others made arrangements for ice cream, and others secured entertainment.

"I set the type for the posters and printed them, and with neighbors I hung them all over the neighborhood, and it's been just a lot of fun," Chen grinned. "I'm just tickled pink that so many people came together, and we're having a good time."

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