The long line of film production vehicles at Wilhelm's Portland Memorial recently piqued curiosity

DAVID F. ASHTON - A production assistant outside Wilhelms Portland Mortuary calms a dog, while its owner waits for the cameras filming a segment of The Librarians to stop rolling. Except for Wednesday afternoons, when it's taken over by the Moreland Farmers Market, Wilhelm's Portland Memorial parking lot is usually pretty empty.

So, many neighbors and passers-by were curious, when huge semi-trailers showed up along S.E. Bybee Boulevard and in the parking lot. Turns out, they were there for filming taking place in and around Portland Memorial's buildings on June 15 and 16.

Neighbors out taking a stroll, or walking their dogs along S.E. 14th Avenue, patiently stood aside while cameras rolled, and then were ushered down the street between takes.

Insiders at the Oregon Film Office told us that this would be the crew that's filming segments for the Turner Network Television series "The Librarians".

This show is produced by Electric Entertainment Productions, the same company that previously produced another long-running series filmed in Portland, "Leverage".

The pretext of "The Librarians" is that its central characters are part of an ancient organization dedicated to protecting an "unknowing world" from "a secret magical reality" hidden all around us.

With "Grimm" having concluded its successful network run, "The Librarians" – now in its fourth season – is the only major TV series currently being filmed in Portland.

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