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This house fire on Powell shut down the busy highway for a time, just east of Cleveland High

DAVID F. ASHTON - S.E. Powell Boulevard was closed to traffic, as firefighters completed extinguishing the house fire near 28th Avenue. There's no reason for those who frequently drive lower S.E. Powell Boulevard to take much notice of the circa-1911, one-story house located just east of 28th Avenue.

But a fire at that house – the official address of which is 2812 S.E. Powell Boulevard – shut down eastbound Powell Boulevard at 10:28 p.m. on Monday evening, June 26, when Portland Fire & Rescue crews blocked the street to battle the blaze.

The truck and ladder crews from Woodstock Fire Station 25 were first to arrive, and they were soon followed by five rigs from other stations.

Firefighters quickly beat down what appeared to be a smoldering fire inside the residence. However, due to what a spokesman described as the high volume of potentially flammable material in the structure, crews hooked up a "Class A Foam" unit to lay down a blanket of ember-smothering fire retardant.

Within an hour, the incident was over; and traffic again began passing the small house, once again not attracting much notice from passersby.

The suspected cause, and resultant damages, have not yet been reported by investigators from Portland Fire and Rescue.

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