'Discarded smoking materials' continues to be a leading cause of residential fires

DAVID F. ASHTON - Firefighters overhauled the burned area of the Brooklyn apartment house, to remove charred materials. A fire on the deck of a Brooklyn neighborhood apartment building brought Portland Fire & Rescue units to the intersection of S.E. 6th Avenue and Kelly Street at 6:37 p.m. on Monday evening, September 11.

In addition to the Engine Company from Westmoreland's Station 20, rigs from across the Willamette River at Central Downtown Station 1 and University Station 4 came across the Ross Island Bridge to fight the fire.

With an abundance of firefighters in the area, crews filled a water line in moments and began shooting water on the northeast corner of the second floor, while residents evacuated the building.

The fire was out in minutes; firefighters then began removing siding and cutting away charred wood, looking for remaining embers.

The official cause of the fire has yet to be disclosed by PF&R Investigators, but officials at the scene said that all indications point to "carelessly discarded smokers materials" on that wooden deck. No injuries were reported.

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