by: RITA A. LEONARD - Jason Everly, Manager at the Urban Farm Store now open on S.E. Powell Boulevard, will help customers select chickens for backyard flocks.The “Urban Farm Store”, formerly located at S.E. 21st and Belmont, experienced a winter emergency when most of their roof collapsed during the February snow and ice storm. In searching for a new place to open, the store found the space recently vacated by Portland Liquidators at 3454 S.E. Powell Boulevard. With their doors now open, they are already selling baby chicks and feed, hay, garden tools, vegetable starts, fertilizer, and soil amendments, for spring gardeners.

Owners Robert and Hannah Litt tell THE BEE, “This site is larger than our old store, with better parking and a more retail-friendly layout. Our products include seeds, basic chicken supplies, most feeds, seed potatoes, hay, worms, composting bins, small chicken coops, and pine shavings.”

The Litts are authors of a book entitled “A Chicken In Every Yard”, which they sell in their store, along with other how-to and gardening books. They describe the business, founded in 2008, as “a very small company based on our love of chickens, other farm pets, and edible gardening.” In addition to selling thousands of baby chicks in 30 different breeds, the store has also sold ducklings, turkeys, and goats.

The shop carries many supplies for the do-it-yourself urban farmer, including cheese kits, brewing supplies, bee-keeping and soap-making equipment, canning and dehydrating supplies, mushroom growing kits, garden soil, beneficial insects for the garden, trees, and shrubs. They also offer regular classes on raising chickens, and happily offer advice to all who ask.

The relocated Urban Farm Store opened for business in mid-March, although they were still moving in products as the doors opened. Among their first concerns was the welfare of 150 several-days-old chicks from the former site. They have since added more chicks, as well as starter kits and supplies for neighbors who want to begin their own flocks.

Supplies and equipment sold there are scaled to the size of a back yard or home kitchen. The store is open seven days a week – Mondays through Fridays, 10 am-6 pm; Saturdays, 9-6, and Sundays 11-5. Their phone number is 503/234-7733, and they’re online at: .

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