Daddy Daughter Night at the Southwest Community Center

MULTNOMAH — Sometimes you just need to have a good time. And at the Southwest Community Center’s annual Daddy Daughter Night Feb. 15, Southwest Portland-area fathers and their best gals will get the chance to do just that.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - A local daddy and daughter at last year's Daddy Daughter Night. “It’s one of our most popular special events,” said MaryAnn Takashima, director of the SWCC. “They really enjoy the fact that it’s just dads and daughters; they get to kind of cut loose a little bit.”

This year’s event theme will be “A Night on the Red Carpet – an evening of glitz and glam.”

According to Takashima, the concept for the evening will be modeled after old Academy Awards events.

“We’re trying to make it more formal; to just pick it up one notch like if they came to an awards show,” she explained. “The colors are a rich red and a white and a silver and black.”

Takashima added that this year, there will be servers rather than food served buffet-style.

Guests at the fete can feast on chicken strips and baked macaroni and cheese as well as selections from a salad bar and sundae bar while sipping on water and Shirley Temples.

While the event is different every year, Takashima said it seems to have staying power.

“A lot of the families who come here with either one child or multiple children have done it with their daughters for years, so we have a lot of return families to the event,” she said. “It also kind of tugs on the heartstrings for dads a little bit to take their daughters to their first dance. Maybe they `want to introduce what that’s like, and I know the girls really like to dress up in pretty dresses, and some of them wear tiaras and all types of things.

“It’s just a very sweet event, just opportunities for dads to kind of treat their daughters like little princesses for the day.”

And, she said, the event is inclusive of participants who transcend traditional notions of ‘daddy’ and ‘daughter.’

“In terms of a transgender child, or if there was any type of family that wasn’t what we would consider to be a ‘traditional’ family, then of course they would be allowed access for sure,” Takashima said. “That’s one of the big things that myself as a director here, we really ant to make sure that our doors are open to everyone and that our programs are accessible to everyone and that includes all member of the community.”

Daddy Daughter Night takes place Feb. 15, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Southwest Community Center, 6820 SW 45th Ave. Resident fee: $18 per person. Non-resident fee: $25.25 per person. Call 503-823-2840 or register online at

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