by: SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: ROBIN JOHNSON - Children at the Columbia County Fair huddle around Little Al, a 25-year-old American Alligator that belongs to Brads World of Reptiles. On Saturday, July 20, the alligator bit a 5-year-old boy on the arm, leaving minor puncture wounds. Brad Tylman, founder and owner of Brad’s World of Reptiles, said that in 22 years of business, he had never had an alligator attack a customer.

On Saturday, Tylman’s 25-year-old alligator, Little Al, bit a 5-year-old boy on the arm, leaving minor puncture wounds.

Tylman said the incident was an anomaly.

The boy was given complimentary tickets to a future reptile show. Before bringing an alligator out, Brad’s World of Reptiles staff usually take measures to ensure the alligator is no longer hungry, but in this instance, Tylman said, someone was attempting to get a bird in a picture with the alligator, which had a feed response.

“We’re considering not using alligators in the same manner or using them strapped up, sometimes you see them with a strap around their mouth,” Tylman said.

Tylman added that the child and his family returned to the fair the next day and were granted free passes to Brad’s World of Reptiles in Corvallis in order to gain a better understanding of the reptiles, take photos with larger alligators and potentially take home a turtle or gecko.

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