The Scappoose City Council in a special meeting Thursday, April 10, selected six candidates to interview for the position of city manager.

The city in February hired Prothman and Associates, a Washington-based recruiting firm, to advertise for city manager candidates, screen applications and interview applicants.

“Greg Prothman, the recruiter, is doing more extensive background checks on those six and is anticipating they will be here for interviews on April 30,” said interim City Manager Don Otterman.

The Scappoose City Council will conduct the interviews along with a panel made up of city department heads and one made up of community members. Otterman said the panel of community members will be appointed by the council, possibly at its Monday, April 21, meeting.

“The interview process will take a total of two days, starting with a private reception the night before, of which the council, and perhaps some members of senior staff, would be invited,” Prothman said at the Thursday meeting. “This would be under the guise of executive session.”

Prothman said the purpose of the reception is to allow the council to get to know candidates on a more personal basis.

The day following the reception, April 30, would be a more robust interviewing process, Prothman said.

The council will finish interviews that afternoon, debrief with panel members, then continue deliberations in executive session to potentially select a candidate.

Otterman declined to go into detail about the candidates. The profile agreed upon by the City Council would pay the selected applicant a yearly salary of $65,964 to $104,340 plus medical, dental, vision and retirement benefits.

The city is seeking a new city manager after negotiating the termination of former City Manager Jon Hanken’s contract with the city last November. The City Council opted to pay Hanken a one year’s severance package totaling $110,000 plus health and retirement benefits.

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