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Help stop a killer

from going free

On June 7, Sidney Porter will be a free man, after serving only 20 years for brutally killing John Day police Officer Frank Ward.

Mr. Porter was given a life term in prison with the possibility of parole in 30 years, yet has only served 21 years.

The Oregon State Parole Board chose to overlook crucial facts and evidence in its decision to release Mr. Porter. The Oregon House Judiciary Committee has petitioned the board to review its decision in light of the evidence and facts it had overlooked.

The Parole Board, however, has refused.

I urge Oregon citizens to contact by email or phone Gov. John Kitzhaber, the Parole Board, their senator and state representative to have the Parole Board reverse its decision.

Officer Ward’s family and community was given a life sentence with no parole and Sidney Porter deserves nothing less. Go to Officer Frank Ward’s web page for the whole story.

Alan Painter

Brother of slain Rainier Police Chief Ralph Painter


Charter schools are

public, not private

I just need to clear something up: Arthur Academy is a public school. It is a public school, sponsored by the St. Helens School District. It is a public school funded for by public dollars just like McBride and Lewis and Clark elementary schools. It is a public school.

Now that we are clear that it is a public school and not private, let’s move on to funding and enrollment.

Oregon public charter schools receive 80 percent of the amount of the district’s General Purpose Grant per ADMw (see below) for K-8.

The district’s 2012-2013 grant was $6,024 per ADMw. So Arthur Academy received $4,819.20 per ADMw. The district does not share any revenues outside for the General Purpose Grant (an additional $1,030.49 per ADMw 2013-2013 school year).

As part of the charter agreement, the charter school is limited to the number of students it can enroll. As such, there are only so many spots and those are filled via a lottery with three priority groups. Top priority is given to siblings of current students. The next priority group is St. Helens School District residents. The last priority group is students who reside outside of the district. You must apply to be in the lottery.

(ADMw: A student may or may not count as one student. If the student is an English language learner they count as 1.5. If the student is disabled or a teen mom they count as 2. There are many more adjustments and they can be found here:

Matt Freeman

St. Helens School Board

St. Helens

Stick to the facts

Each year a new batch of teenagers votes during elections.

Many of them don’t watch the debates and only listen to what others tell them. Because most students listen to the opinions of their cliques, they only hear the biases and not the important facts. Most of those biases are based upon religious ideas.

It’s easy to see and to be influenced like this when you look at issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. Many people are against these topics for religious reasons, but our nation is about freedom. Freedom of religion, and freedom from religion.

I ask everyone who watches the news (and those who produce the news) to keep religious preference out, so that we can see the facts, not everyone’s biases.

Natasha Cimmiyotti


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