Letters to the editor for Friday, 5/23 issue

PCC forums planned

Portland Community College will host two open forums to determine what programs should be offered in the proposed PCC center here in Columbia County. They are Tuesday, June 10, at 6:30 p.m. in the Scappoose High School library and Wednesday, June 11, at 6:30 p.m. in the St. Helens High School library.

These open discussions are designed to give the people who live and work in Columbia County an opportunity to talk about their educational needs and aspirations. For people who desire a college degree and for those who seek non-credit classes for personal growth and enjoyment, this is your chance to influence course offerings at the new 2008-bond funded center planned to open in 2017.

In addition to these two forums, the college will also meet with local employers to learn what opportunities might exist for workforce development. We know the demand is there. The welding classes PCC now offers at St. Helens High School have been well received.

Dual enrollment classes, where high school students earn college credit for free, also indicate a strong desire for advanced study. Last fall in Columbia County, 1,216 students enrolled in 7,007 classes at PCC for an average of six classes per year per student. For students and their families, dual enrollment resulted in a savings of more than $59,000.

It is obvious that whenever the opportunity to learn has been presented, the citizens of Columbia County have responded with enthusiasm. The PCC center will only enhance what is currently available. Please join us at one or both of these forums.

State Sen. Betsy Johnson


Thank you

I would like to pass along my compliments on the recent Spotlight article regarding the AIA SDAT visit. You delivered a well-written, accurate and positive account of the visit. This was an exciting project and we appreciate the coverage.

John Walsh

City Administrator

St. Helens

Thanking the Scappoose Rural Fire District

Many thanks to the Scappoose Rural Fire District for the blue heron rescue.

The crew from the Scappoose fire rescue’s river boat went beyond the call of duty Monday night to rescue a blue heron that had been entangled in fishing line and was dangling from a tree.

I do not know how long the poor fellow was hanging there, but the rescue crew was able to cut him down and get the line off his talons ... not an easy job with a blue heron.

A million thanks to this wonderful crew and a reminder to the fishermen/women. Make sure your discarded line is either brought onto the boat and disgarded safely, or apply a heavy weight so snags stay on the bottom.

We love our wildlife and we’re all just trying to live together in harmony.

Laura Corey


Marijuana dispensaries in Scappoose

The issue is that Scappoose wants to ban marijuana dispensaries. I believe that marijuana dispensaries should not be banned. I also believe that people have the right to do what they want.

Marijuana can make you more hungry, so if you have cancer or any other diseases that could change your appetite, it would help. It can help relieve the pain some of those patients are having by getting their minds off the pain and on to food.

We don’t have to smoke marijuana. Why can’t we make it into a pill? That way it’s less of a bad drug and more of a medicine. Smoke is bad for your lungs no matter what, so if we put it into a pill, then we wont have to worry about all the bad side effects with the smoke.

If we had marijuana dispensaries, it would save the government a lot of money. They won’t be spending all their money to try and stop the use of marijuana.

The problem is that Scappoose wants to ban marijuana dispensaries, even though it can help people in more ways than one.

This problem can be solved by putting trust in the people of Columbia County. We should put trust in them because everyone deserves a chance. This problem can also be solved by having limits on how much marijuana you can have for a period of time.

Hannah Gedlick


Setting the record

I would like to let the people of Columbia County know that, number one, this letter is from the character as referred to by Commissioner Earl Fisher — who knows nothing about me except what the corrupt Clatskanie Police Chief Martin Hoover told him, or it was Fisher’s unbiased opinion without any facts — in the Spotlight article on May 2 (“SWAT ends lengthy Clatskanie standoff with teargas”), that both me and my girlfriend repeatedly told 911 dispatchers and the Oregon State SWAT that we had “no weapons.” That was as well told to the media.

True, Hoover did pull his police department officers back, but what he fails to report is he was in charge of the whole thing back at the Clatskanie police headquarters.

Why would Oregon State Police SWAT shoot seven canisters of tear gas into a house with two unarmed people?

As to his statement that the home’s barricaded doors would have made access to the residence tactically unsound, if you went to that address you would know that there is only one door to access the house and no barricade. He also states he pulled the Clatskanie Police Department back, hoping I would surrender to another agency.

What he fails to tell is the fact that I was on the phone the night before with Deputy Troy Caldwell of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, telling him I would surrender to him if the Clatskanie Police Department was not involved. The Clatskanie Police Department was very well aware of this via communications with Caldwell and C-COM. The Clatskanie Police Department continually drove by the house and escalated the situation. I even called Caldwell the next day, trying to arrange a time to surrender. He was not on shift until later that day.

Also, Hoover said his department has good evidence to prove I slashed tires of multiple police vehicles on April 25, which I did not do. If he has any evidence, as he states, why haven’t I been charged with these accusation?

I will tell you it’s obviously the practice of the Clatskanie Police Department to falsely accuse and slander people when it serves their purpose.

Shame on you Marvin Hoover.

One last thing: I was not charged with reckless driving, as stated, but was on probation for reckless driving, not parole. If the local media is going to report a story, I ask that you print the truth.

James Marco Bryan


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