Some leaders are pulling away, but other races tight

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Josh Pinkowski of Vancouver leads the way in the Pacific Mini-Sprint Division at River City Speedway on Saturday night. Racing resumed and the points are tight in several of the seven divisions. The racers are back at it this Saturday night at the Columbia County Fairgrounds facility in St. Helens.In the Sportsman Division, Bud Russell maintained his hold on first with a main even win. Steffen Strawn won one heat, while Kyle Frelich won another. Third-place Dan Smith kept pace with Russell, posting the fast time of the day and finishing second in the main event and a heat. Second-place Ray Elwess also won his heat, a trophy dash, and finished fifth in the main event.

In the Modified Division, Don Jenner kept his crew on top of the point standings with a win in the main event and fast time of the day.

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Kylee Dorie is leading the pack in the Tracer Division for young racers at River City Speedway.Kylee Dorie of St. Helens went into the race with an 80-point lead in the Tracer Division for young racers (12-15 years of age). She would win the main event, have fast time and win the trophy dash to stay on top.

Todd Newton of Portland led the Street Stock Division going in, but others may have gained some ground. Newton won one heat, and Mike Crase of Portland another. Aaron Snook of Portland had fast time, and Aaron Prettyman of Warren won the trophy dash and a heat. Curt Zelmer of Portland moved up a bit with a first-place in the main event.

Dick Gaboury of Battle Ground, Wash., kept his team in second place, had the fast time of the day, and was second in the trophy dash and main event to help his cause. Leader Brad Ruth of Vancouver was fifth in the main event, while Chris Gaboury of Battle Ground won the event. John Oyler of Scappoose won the trophy dash.

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Ryan Martinez has been running away with first in the hardtop division.Dwarf Car Division leader Ryan Martinez of Scappoose didn’t sweep all the events, but his fast time, heat win, and main event win were enough to expand his lead over Kevin Hicks who finished second in the main event. Martinez went into the night with a 74 point lead and that should increase after Saturday.

Pacific Min-Sprint Division leader Josh Pinkowski of Vancouver won a heat, the trophy dash, but finished eighth in the main event. Second-place Greg Lane of Lake Stevens, Wash., at least closed the gap on Pinkowski with the fast time, a third in the trophy dash, a heat third, and main event win.

River City Speedway Results

Sportsman Division

Fast time: Dan Smith, 15:637. Trophy Dash: Ray Elwess, Dan Smith, Ric Fors, Devon Reed. 1st Heat: Steffen Strawn, Deer Island; Steve Nusom, Vancouver, Wash.; Bud Russell, St. Helens; Scott Wells, St. Helens; Brad Beehler, St. Helens; Bob Berg, St. Helens. 2nd Heat: Kyle Frelich, Warren; Morgan Tenney, Scappoose; Kristi Somers, Woodland; Joel Beehler, St. Helens, Dan Fox, Warren. 3rd Heat: Ray Elwess, Gresham; Dan Smith, Deer Island; Steve Kaptur, St. Helens; Ric Fors, Vanc.; Devon Reed, Woodland.

Main: Bud Russell, Dan Smith, Brad Beehler, Scotty Wells, Ray Elwess, Steve Kaptur, Ric Fors, Joel Beehler, Morgan Tenney, Devon Reed, Steffen Strawn, Brad Berg, Kyle Frelich, Dan Fox, Steve Nusom.

Modified Division

Fast time: Don Jenner, 15:122. Trophy Dash: Robert Jenner, Clark Tenney, Curt Zelmer, Matt Jenner. 1st Heat: Chris Quinn, Vanc.; Jake VanOrtwick, St. Helens; Cody Smith, Deer Island; Aaron Elwess, Vanc.; Walt Prather, St. Helens. 2nd Heat: Clark Tenney, St. Helens; Robert Jenner, Vanc.; Matt Jenner, Vanc.; Don Jenner, Vanc.; Curt Zelmer, Portland.

Main: Don Jenner, Aaron Elwess, Matt Jenner, Clark Tenney, Robert Jenner, Jake VanOrtwick, Chris Quinn, Walt Prather, Curt Zelmer, Cody Smith.

Tracer Division (ages 12-15)

Fast time: Kylee Dorie, 17:057. Trophy Dash: Kylee Dorie, Bryce Tenney, Wyatt Kaptur, Kahley Williams. Heat: Kayley Williams, Bryce Tenney, Kylee Dorie, Justen Case.

Main: Kylee Dorie, St. Helens; Justen Case, Vanc.; Kayley Williams, Longview; Wyatt Kaptur, St. Helens; Bryce Tenney, Scappoose.

Street Stock Division

Fast time: Aaron Snook,16:151. Trophy Dash: Aaron Prettyman, Jonathan West, Aaron Snook, Ryan White. 1st Heat: Mike Crase, Portland; Dennis Liebig, St. Helens; Curt Zelmer, Portland; Callen Prettyman, Warren; Patrick Sheller, Corvallis. 2nd Heat: Todd Newton, Portland; Derik Beehler, St. Helens; Cody Smith, Deer Island; Bernie Lujan, St. Helens; Jared Haynes, Scappoose. 3rd Heat: Aaron Prettyman, Warren; Ken Bryan, Toledo, Wash.; Jonathan West, Scappoose; Ryan White, St. Helens; Aaron Snook, Portland.

Main: Curt Zelmer, Derik Beehler, Bernie Lujan, Cody Smith, Ken Bryan, Aaron Prettyman, Todd Newton, Dennis Liebig, Ryan White, Jonathan West, Callen Prettyman, Aaron Snook, Mike Crase, Patrick Sheller, Jared Haynes.

4-Cylinder Division

Fast time: Dick Gaboury, 16:215. Trophy Dash: John Oyler, Dick Gaboury, Brad Ruth, Chris Gaboury, Jr. 1st Heat: Jenelle Harrison, St. Helens; Mike Pattison, Portland, Mason Brooks, Vanc.; Russ Krein, Portland; T.J. Wagner, Warren. 2nd Heat: Kim Oyler, Gresham; Crystal Flath, Portland, Lisa Oyler, Troutdale; Gary Brogan, Kelso, Wash. 3rd Heat: John Oyler, Scappoose; Brad Ruth, Vanc.; Dick Gaboury, Portland; Erica Asher, Oregon City; Chris Gaboury, Jr., Vanc.

Main: Chris Gaboury, Jr., Dick Gaboury, John Oyler, Kim Oyler, Brad Ruth, Lisa Oyler, Erica Asher, Gary Brogan, Crystal Flath, T.J. Wagner, Chad Blanchfield, Russ Krein, Robyn Ruth, Jenelle Harrison, Mason Brooks, Mike Pattison.

Dwarf Car Division

Fast time: Ryan Martinez, 15:060. Trophy Dash: Kevin Hicks, Chris McCleary, Ryan Martinez. 1st Heat: Robert O’Neill, Tidewater; Guy Tow, Sr., Rainier; Neal Hopwood, Gresham; Dan Coutts, Onalaska, Wash., Jessica Eaton, Scappoose. 2nd Heat: Guy Tow, Jr., Castle Rock; Lucas Eaton, Scappoose; Joe Eaton, Scappoose; James Brinster, St. Helens; Steve McCleary, Aloha. 3rd Heat: Ryan Martinez, Scappoose; Chris McCleary, St. Helens; Brian Hicks, Eugene; Kevin Hicks, Creswell.

Main: Ryan Martinez, Kevin Hicks, Lucas Eaton, Steve McCleary, Guy Tow, Jr., Brian Hicks, Guy Tow, Sr., James Brinster, Chris McCleary, Robert O’Neill, Joe Eaton, Dan Coutts, Jessica Eaton, Neal Hopwood.

Pacific Mini-Sprint Division

Fast time: Greg Lane, 13:916. Trophy Dash: Josh Pinkowski, Bret Lane, Greg Lane, Tracey Titus. 1st Heat: Mike Opoka, Sr., Gresham; Eric Dehning, Woodland; Vinny Villeggiante\, Gresham; Mike Opoka, Jr., Gresham; Duane Beecher, White Salmon, Wash. 2nd Heat: Josh Pinkowski, Vanc.; Tracey Titus, Manzanita; Greg Lane, Lake Stevens, Wash.; Bret Lane, Lynnwood, Wash.; Dan Beck, Castle Rock, Wash.

Main: Greg Lane, Eric Dehning, Tracey Titus, Bret Lane, Dan Beck, Mike Opoka,Sr., Vinny Villeggiante, Josh Pinkowski, Mike Opoka, Jr., Aaron Glover-Gresham, Duane Beecher. by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Robert Jenner of Vancouver leads the Trophy Dash race Saturday at River City Speedway in St. Helens. He won the Modified Division race, was second in a heat, and fifth in the main JOHN BREWINGTON - Ray Elwess won the trophy dash during last Saturday's race.

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