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by: COURTESY OF KOIN 6 NEWS - The hallucinogenic drug 25i, which is similar to LSD and often is found on blotter paper like this, was found in possession of two Sherwood girls who overdosed on the drug over the weekend.Authorities arrested a Sherwood teenager in connection with two drug overdoses on Friday morning.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, a 17-year-old Sherwood boy is charged with two counts of recklessly endangering another person, after he allegedly supplied a synthetic hallucinogen to two teenaged girls.

According to the sheriff's office, an off-duty deputy was driving along Southwest Woodhaven Drive in Sherwood at about 5:06 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 31, when he spotted a 16-year-old girl on the side of the road having what appeared to be a seizure.

The deputy stopped to help the girl, who was with a 17-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl.

The deputy called 911, and an on-duty deputy sheriff and paramedics quickly responded to the scene.

As paramedics were caring for the girl, the 17-year-old girl also began seizing. The two girls were transported to Providence Newberg Medical Center for treatment, where they are expected to recover from their injuries.

The boy initially denied any knowledge of what may have caused the seizures, authorities said. He was not cooperative with officials.

The girls later told deputies they had taken a synthetic drug known as 25I-NBOMe, better known as “25i.”

Tabs of the drug are usually placed under the tongue or between the cheek and gums, and can cause very severe side effects, including seizures, hallucinations and aggression.

Deputies later arrested the 17-year-old boy and charged him with supplying the drug to the two girls.

Recklessly endangering another person is a Class A misdemeanor.

He was turned over to the Washington County Juvenile Department.

The Times does not release the names of minors charged with crimes.

According to deputies, the drug has been distributed to numerous people in the Sherwood area, and deputies cautioned parents to keep an eye out for abnormal behavior in their children and seek medical attention if there are any signs of an overdose.

Although the incident didn’t take place at Sherwood High School, administrators are “investigating the matter internally in order to determine if any criminal activity occurred on school property or during school hours,” according to Principal Ken Bell.

“The news about this incident is obviously very concerning to us,” Bell said in a press release. “We are doing everything in our power to make sure our students are safe, both inside and outside of school.”

Capt. Ty Hanlon, a spokesman for the Sherwood Police Department, said his officers have not come across the drug before.

Sgt. Bob Ray, a spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, said the drug is relatively new to the area.

“We’ve had some experience with it but it’s not seen very often,” he said. “It’s not common to see it in 16- to 17-year-olds.”

Ray said that the drug is “very dangerous” and is easily concealed, most often on blotter paper.

Investigators are still looking for additional victims, said Ray.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 629-0111.

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