TVF and R will conduct the exercises on an unoccupied home on Chapman Road, which will eventually result in burning the home to the ground.

Sherwood residents shouldn't worry about that column of smoke rising from the area of Southwest Chapman Road near Highway 99W Friday, it's only firefighters conducting a live fire training in an unoccupied home.

The rare training opportunity will allow firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue to gain valuable experience practicing fire engine operations, supplying water to an area without hydrants, and testing new firefighting equipment.  During the exercises, which begin at 8 a.m., training officers will set a fire in a room followed by firefighters who will enter the home and extinguish it before the training officers set another fire. Then, beginning around noon, firefighters will set a final "terminal burn" and the home will be allowed to burn to the ground.

Water for firefighting operations will be provided via tenders, apparatus capable of holding and dispensing 2,800 gallons of water, from a hydrant in the parking lot of the Sherwood YMCA. "This is a great opportunity for firefighters to exercise critical skills and test new equipment that helps us protect our communities," said Julie Ellenson, a TVF&R training officer. "Although TVF&R firefighters frequently train with live fire in specially designed training props at our Training Center, the opportunity to gain experience on a fire in a real home is invaluable."

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