by: BARBARA SHERMAN - A GOOD CAUSE - During a stop by the Kids Making Miracles party bus at Sherwood High School, Devon Donahue (standing to the right of the banner holding a microphone), who is Mr. Bowmen 2013, thanks his fellow students for their support during the pageant fundraiser for Doernbecher Children's Hospital.Hundreds of Sherwood High School students got a brief get-out-of-class pass on May 10 to gather in front of the school to cheer the arrival of a party bus carrying students who participated in this year’s Kids Making Miracles fundraiser for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Each year, a limo or party bus brings a torch from Tillamook - a top fundraising community - across Oregon to Doernbecher, stopping at a few select schools along the way to recognize representatives who were key to the fundraising success, according to Aurora Taylor, the SHS activities director.

“Our school (was) selected for the fifth year in a row for raising a record-breaking $40,000 for Doernbecher this year through the Mr. Bowmen pageant,” she said.

Among the bus passengers were SHS seniors Devon Donahue, who was named this year’s Mr. Bowmen, and his partner, Chelsey Balderree, who got off the bus along with all the other student riders to the cheers of the waiting students.

“In 2006, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes,” Devon told the crowd and added that the experience gave him a better understanding of what hospitalized kids go through. “For the Mr. Bowmen pageant, 24 seniors and five juniors raised $40,000.”

As the bus left for Aloha High School, Taylor explained, “Last year we raised $25,000, which was a record. Every year you think you can’t possibly do any better. But this class was outstanding as freshmen, so it’s not surprising that they made this awesome accomplishment.”

According to Taylor, the selection process for Mr. Bowmen contestants started in November, and the fundraising lasted from December to the pageant in March.

“Out of the $40,000, half came from the business community,” she said. “We doubled our business support. To show how much of a team effort this was, the kids created a PowerPoint presentation about Doernbecher to show to the business community, and the girls taught a workshop at the Oregon Association of Student Councils last week about how to do this.

“Of all the events at SHS, this is my favorite event of the year. Even if I stopped being activity director, I would still want to do the pageant fundraiser.”

But the day was far from over after the party bus left Sherwood, according to Devon. After it picked up more kids at Aloha, it met up with another bus, and all the kids went out to dinner together. This was followed by the Candlelight Procession, an annual event at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to celebrate another year of fundraising through the Kids Making Miracles program.

The torch-lighting ceremony began at 7 p.m. at the OHSU Auditorium on the OHSU campus and ended at the eternal flame in front of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

“Anyone who had contributed money could rekindle the eternal flame, which represents support and hope,” Devin said. “Four torches were carried up the hill, and Chelsey and I were honored to be chosen to carry one of them. The kids in the hospital were looking out the windows at us, and we waved to them.”

The somber ceremony was followed by a Pajama Jam at Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center in Wilsonville from 9 a.m. to midnight. “I got to bed at 1,” Devon said.

A few days later, after the excitement had died down, Devin talked about his personal experience and why he thought SHS’s fundraising effort was so stellar this year.

“We were going for another $25,000 this year,” said Devon, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes before starting the sixth grade and spent five days in Legacy Emanuel Health Center, including two or three days in intensive care. “I think we did so well at the fundraising because of how well we all worked together. We were competitors at the pageant, but we knew we were all working for the same cause.

“Chelsey contacted a lot of the businesses, and she also sold baked goods. I am involved in the Engineering Department at SHS and cut vinyls (clear adhesive labels) that said, ‘I support Doernbecher Children’s Hospital’ with its logo. Every Mr. Bowmen contestant has to raise a minimum of $500, and I think last year the least amount raised was $1,500. But this year, everyone raised a lot. It was a lot of fun, and the more I got into it, I realized what a great cause Doernbecher was. I also want to thank God for the opportunity to participate in this. He gave me strength and opened doors for me.”

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