Sherwood musician Nicole Wells wins grand prize for best song

The Sept. 7 press release of the West Coast Songwriters (WCS) Association confirmed what many Sherwood residents already knew — we have an exceptional musical talent in our midst. Nicole Wells had just won the grand prize in the live competition finals held in the Bay Area for the best song of 2013, competing with her peers from the three West Coast states. Nicole was the first Portland district winner to win the grand EVIE WEBB/JOYPHOTO.BIZ - In September, Nicole Wells won the grand prize in the best song of 2013 category as part of the West Coast Songwriters Association.

The WCS article labeled her genre as “folksy Americana-pop,” lyrically drawing on personal experiences of daily life we all encounter. Those of us in Sherwood, who have had the good fortune to hear her perform, usually hear pieces of our lives in her lyrics.

Although her goal is to write music, the road to that goal seems to include performing regularly, something she has been accustomed to since she was a toddler. Her father was a pastor, and as a child, she and her family traveled in the summer, singing at churches and events across the U.S. Her mother was both her piano teacher and her mentor. Nicole has been writing music since she was 9 years old. By the time she was 12; she was giving music lessons to others, and now teaches private piano and violin here in Sherwood.

During college, she taught 30 students per week to pay for her higher education. She graduated from Warner Pacific College with a music degree in 1998. While there, she met and married her husband, Steve. They have two boys, and the family is engaged in Sherwood activities and service groups. The Sherwood Arts Foundation, Sherwood Soccer, Voices for the Performing Arts, the YMCA, Hopkins Elementary School and the Robin Hood Festival have all benefited from the participation of Wells family members. Their decision to settle in Sherwood was heavily influenced by the “small town” feel of the community and by the reputation of its schools.

After the win at the WCS, Nicole followed the advice of her songwriting coach, Mark Cawley, and traveled to Nashville. You can experience her photo journal, which highlights the activities of her 11-day trip, from her blog on the website listed below. The descriptions of the recording, co-writing, performing, meeting publishers and those who are in the business, make the word “whirlwind” seem calm.

For the wife and mother, being home with her family while also being able to earn income doing what she loves is a very tough combination to beat. But she will need to make more trips to Nashville this coming year to maintain relationships with publishers and musicians who have offered her additional opportunities to grow and be recognized as a songwriter.

I would encourage everyone to take a break one day soon, visit the iTunes website, and listen to some of the songs from her “Restore” album. My granddaughter’s favorite is “Lillian’s Rainbow,” and mine is “What if He Rides.”

Have fun watching the YouTube music video to “Know Me,” which was filmed partially at Sherwood’s Symposium Coffee. You can also download her winning song “I Know it’s You” and a popular favorite “Just Like Coffee” from

For more information about Nicole and her music, go to and follow her on Facebook at Nicole Wells Music.

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