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Brought to you by Anna Meyers, DO, Richa Tevatia, MD and Eric Fote, PA-C -- Sherwood and Pediatric Family Medicine INSIDERS --
Brought to you by Benjamin Aanderud, Nathan Doyel and Richard McKinney - New Smiles - Cosmetic Dentistry INSIDERS -
What can your business gain from a professionally designed website? A lot, as it turns out.
Brought to you by C. Todd Wilson - Wilson Orthodontics - ORTHODONTICS INSIDER -
Brought to you by Jason Thompson - Budget Blinds - WINDOW TREATMENT INSIDER -
Brought to you by Benjamin Aanderud, Nathan Doyel and Richard McKinney - New Smiles - Cosmetic Dentistry INSIDERS -
Brought to you by C. Todd Wilson, Wilson Orthodontics - Orthodontics INSIDER -
Brought to you by Benjamin Aanderud, Nathan Doyel and Richard McKinney - New Smiles - Cosmetic Dentistry INSIDERS -
Brought to you by Jason Thompson - Budget Blinds - WINDOW TREATMENT INSIDER -

Brought to you by Russell Kort, Kort Chiropractic & Concussion Care - Chiropractic INSIDER -

KORT CHIROPRACTIC & CONCUSSION CARE - Russell Kort, DCFor the past year, I have written numerous articles about concussions and collisions.

I have listed many adverse effects related these types of injuries. Symptoms such as loss of balance, focus, energy, sensitivity to light and sound, slips in eye movements, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, and so much more.

In the past year, something amazing has happened in my practice. We have developed protocols that have changed the way I treat patients.

By looking at brain function, we are better able to treat dysfunction in the body. This has dramatically shortened the duration of our treatment and your recovery.

I call this concept “Time Compression,” a shortened amount of time people are under my care.

This is achieved by focusing on all that is skewed in the patient’s system and addressing the source of the condition, from the brain and gut to balance and the spine.

It is this comprehensive, whole-body approach that is changing the way our patients see chiropractic. At Kort Chiropractic and Concussion Care, we are committed to learning why you’re not feeling well, then giving you proper focused treatment and strategies to enhance your life and your whole-body health.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

Kort Chiropractic and Concussion Care

20407 SW Borchers Drive, Suite 201

Sherwood, OR 97140



Brought to you by Dr. C. Todd Wilson, Wilson Orthodontics - Orthodontia INSIDER -

WILSON ORTHODONTICS - Dr. C. Todd WilsonThis Holiday season, take time to reflect on the ways you are blessed in your lives. Enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones, as that time is precious above all.

As we move forward into the New Year, be sure to acknowledge the people who make sacrifices on your behalf. And, importantly, ponder the ways that you might return to those who give to you.

I am ever grateful to the Sherwood community for being a part of my practice’s family. It is a great honor and a privilege to have been entrusted with providing orthodontic care to so many over the years.

As such, I have always believed that providing orthodontic care is only part of my responsibility. A big part of my obligation as a professional is to give back to the community. That I do by supporting a multitude of community events, school fundraising efforts, athletics, the arts, and more.

Our Rewards Program also emphasizes this, offering kids points for participating in community service.

Each year I provide free orthodontic treatment to a number of people who have high orthodontic need but who otherwise could not afford treatment. This is one of my most rewarding endeavors, witnessing the positive changes this brings in the form of improved health and self-image.

I recognize how others help me, and I strive to give back. I encourage us all to look for more opportunities to ‘pay it forward’ in the coming year. Happy Holidays!

Wilson Orthodontics

17680 SW Handley St., Suite 202

Sherwood, OR 97140

3100 Haworth Ave., Suite 210

Newberg, OR 97132



Brought to you by Benjamin Aanderud, Nathan Doyel and Richard McKinney - New Smiles Dental - Cosmetic Dentistry INSIDERS -

NEW SMILES DENTAL - Dentists Nathan Doyel, Benjamin Aanderud and Richard McKinney.Are you one of the many Americans who don’t seek dental care because you don’t have dental insurance?

Having healthy teeth and gums can affect your self-esteem, how well you eat and sleep and even affects your overall health. Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans have a maximum yearly benefit of $1,000, which hasn’t changed since the 1960s!

That means that your dental premiums probably only cover routine cleanings, fluoride and X-rays, which leaves you to pay entirely out of pocket for any other treatment. And that’s only if you’re one of the 64% of Americans who have dental insurance through your employer.

While we accept most dental insurance plan payments at New Smiles, we’ve also seen the need for an alternative. As open-enrollment season for dental insurance approaches, we’d like to offer our patients the option of our New Smiles Dental Membership.

At New Smiles, we offer membership plans that are comparable to the cost of most group dental plans. For example, a basic membership is only around $30/month and will cover twice-yearly exams, cleaning and X-rays, an emergency exam, a smile consultation and 15% off ALL other dental procedures, including cosmetic procedures with NO maximum benefit!

Don’t let inadequate dental insurance prevent your family from getting the care that you need. This upcoming year, consider New Smiles Dental Membership as an alternative to your current plan. Call our office today at 503-925-9595 for more information.

New Smiles Dental

17680 SW Handley St., Suite 101

Sherwood, OR 97140



Sherwood's Opinions

March 01, 2017

First Sip n Spell a huge success, raises $20,000 for education foundation

by Orion Anderson
Event proves to be successful followup to the annual Calling for Kids telethon
Sen. Kim Thatcher
February 23, 2017

State Sen. Kim Thatcher: Electoral College protects smaller states like Oregon

by The Times
The system was put in place to give the smaller states a larger voice than they would have under a direct democracy.
February 20, 2017

Letters to the editor

by No author
Resident doesn't think it would be a good idea for the city to take over the YMCA

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
February 02, 2017

Lawmakers: Change legal age to buy tobacco products to 21

by Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Richard Vial
Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Rep. Richard Vial worked together on the bill introduced on the first day of 2017 Legislature.
January 23, 2017

Letters to the editor

by Ray Pitz
Readers show support for YMCA, praise mayor for column about respect

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