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Would you rather have a cemetery or a forest?

Bios Urn: the company that helps you become a tree.

Driven by Estudiomoline, a Barcelona, Spain-based design company, Bio Urn was created by Roger and Gerard Moliné.

The urn is stocked with 100 percent biodegradable soil and fertilizer, with a lower compartment for ashes. Just mix the top segment, designed for proper seed germination, with soil from the planting area and bury the urn.

As of last March, the urns are newly available in North America from PreventDisease.com with free shipping.

Choice of seed includes pine, ginkgo, maple, oak, ash or beech.

The seed will germinate within days and begin to grow. By the time its roots are too big for the urn, its outsides will have decomposed and become soft enough for the roots to poke through.

The urn leaves no trace once it has composted, much more environmentally friendly than coffins, headstones and even regular urns. Embalming chemicals can seep into the ground and water. Steel, copper and concrete for vaults, coffins and headstones can be used for infrastructure. Even wood coffins take years to decompose.

Cremations use high temperatures, but they can be captured to produce energy, such as in Helsingborg, Sweden which tapped crematoriums, supplying 10 percent of the required energy for heating its homes.

The Bio Urns can even be provided for pets.

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