1. Portland's solar energy generates top 20 label.

Rated the 15th city in the U.S. for most energy generated by solar power, Portland has solar programs including Solarize Portland, Environment Oregon and Solar Forward.

2. OMSI hosts a wind energy challenge for kids and teachers

KidWind, a California-based organization, hosts educational programs on wind farms and energy.

3. Settling for a 'cheap' river fix.

Dynamics between the city and Portland Harbor Community Advisory Committee heat up over the EPA Superfund cleanup.

4. Upcycle in your neighborhood at the 6th annual swap.

The Trash to Treasure event is run by volunteers from the North Portland neighborhoods of St. Johns and Cathedral Park and is the largest community sharing event in Portland.

5. Cheaper, longer-lasting electric car battery in the works.

Overheating has been an ongoing challenge for batteries, but this project by Arcimoto and Oregon Institute of Technology will streamline internal chemical reactions to dissipate heat.

6. Neighbors organize to save Portland's only Paradox walnut tree.

Growing on the corner of Southeast 50th Avenue and Mill Street, the bulkiest deciduous in Portland was threatened by development. As of April 28 (after arborists climbed it on Earth Day, April 22), the Urban Forestry Commission gave the tree maximum protection and the tree has been nominated to the Portland Heritage Tree program. Follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Zenger Farm sets July groundbreaking date for Urban Grange project.

Portland’s largest urban education farm has neared their fundraising goal for their Urban Grange project and has made plans to build this summer and open this winter.

8. WSU hosts lecture on copper mining effects.

Bill Carter, author of “Boom Bust Boom—a story about Copper, the Metal that Runs the World,” spoke about the proposed mines located on Mount St. Helens.

9. Gardening for busy urbanites.

Get tips on low-maintenance lawns, trees, shrubs and easy-care plants.

10. Sell outdoor gear, save the wild.

Celebrating Earth month, eBay and the Sierra Club joined to promote the resale and recycling of expensive outdoor supplies.

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