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A pop-up “Fridge Museum” will be set up Monday at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, to educate folks about the amount of energy older-model refrigerators consume and waste.

The display by Energy Trust of Oregon will occur from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, June 16, during the square’s first Farmers Market of the season. An expert will be on hand to advise folks about cheaper ways to refrigerate drinks and food during the warm summer months, and explain how they can recycle old energy-hog refrigerators.

Many Oregonians keep a second refrigerator running 24-7 during the warmer months, not realizing that models built before 1993 can cost $150 a year to operate.

“It may pay to switch to a bucket of ice to cool those summer drinks, and you save more in the long-run,” says Matt Braman, residential program manager for Energy Trust of Oregon.

Energy Trust offers folks a $40 incentive, plus free pickup, if they agree to recycle their old refrigerator.

“For those with a hand-me-down or kitchen castaway second refrigerator or freezer, unplugging and recycling it can be a fast way to save energy and add dollars back to the monthly budget,” Braman says.

Last year, Energy Trust began offering to donate the $40 incentive to the Oregon Food Bank instead of giving it to customers. So far, that’s netted $48,000 for the food bank, and the offer is still valid this year.

Oregon customers of PGE and Pacific Power can schedule an appointment online to have their old fridge picked up, at www.energytrust.org/fridgerecycling, or by calling 1-866-444-8907.

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