Vacasa, a Portland-based company that manages vacation rentals, has devised its own Smart Home system that enables it to remotely control the thermostats and lights in its properties from afar.

The system will reduce unnecessary heating and cooling of Vacasa’s units when unoccupied. It also will save employees the time and fuel involving in driving to vacation properties to adjust thermostats.

Vacasa estimates the technology will save homeowners about $1,000 a year in energy costs.

The system was designed by Erik Tylek Kettenburg, Vacasa’s chief technology officer.

Vacasa manages more than 1,000 vacation homes, the majority of them in Oregon. It was named the fastest-growing company in the Portland area this year by the Portland Business Journal.

"We've always been committed to keeping our homes as efficient as possible," says Scott Breon, Vacasa's chief strategy

officer. "And the Smart Home system significantly extends those possibilities."

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