Funds will help replace 10 freight trucks in Portland and 10 school buses

Ten diesel fume-spewing trucks will be replaced in the Portland area along with 10 diesel buses, thanks to funding granted Wednesday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA announced it's giving $572,522 to the Columbia Corridor Association to help replace 10 heavy-duty diesel freight trucks. The money also will allow the nonprofit business group to electrify 43 parking spaces in and around Portland.

In a separate award, the EPA granted $307,862 to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to replace 10 heavy-duty diesel school buses that are used in areas of high or medium population density. That money will be combined with $205,241 in matching state funds and $825,000 in additional matching funds.

The funds were part of $3.6 million allotted by EPA to Northwest projects from its Diesel Emission Reduction Act funding.

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