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SUBMITTED PHOTO - Rick Seifert, the founding editor of The Connection, has lived in Hillsdale for 25 years. Hes writing a new column on life and community in Southwest.
September 01, 2015

Coming together in Southwest

by Rick Seifert
Longtime Hillsdale resident and journalist Rick Seifert kicks off a new column on life and community in Southwest Portland This column is a homecoming of sorts. Few of you know that I am the…
September 01, 2015

Letters to the Editor

by Kelsey O'Halloran
Alternative names for Wilson High School I recommend one of the following names for Wilson High (“What’s in a name? Too much, teacher says,” Aug. 1): Malcolm X, Chief Joseph, Jalal ad-Din Rumi…
SUBMITTED PHOTO - Kids can 'swap screen time for green time' this summer by going outside to play.
August 01, 2015

11 places to swap screen time for green time this summer

by Sophie Merrill and Meg Merrill
In the waning days of summer — and beyond — we encourage you to take a break from screens (phone, computer, TV, tablet) and get outside.Why? Research has shown that time in nature increases…
August 01, 2015

Letters to the Editor

by Kelsey O'Halloran
Building low-income housing on prime waterfront property is a waste of resources What is the city thinking? We are still waitng for roads, sidewalks and local services that we pay for and do not…
July 01, 2015

Letters to the Editor: Opposition to Multnomah Village…

by Pamplin Media Group
Opposition to the proposed housing development in Multnomah by a few long-time residents has, unfortunately, turned nasty. I find their opposition to be more than a little hypocritical. We say…
June 24, 2015

My View: City Trails Policy cuts out neighborhood participation

by Don Baack
The Community-Initiated Neighborhood Trails Process, set to go before the Portland City Council July 1, has eliminated neighborhoods from the approval process. While the policy has added many…

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