Two weeks after an alleged assault by three men, the teen disavows her story

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: - This bike was found in some trees June 30 after a teenage girl said three men had attacked her the previous night and the bike had been stolen. The girl has since recanted her story.A 16-year-old Sandy girl has recanted her story after first reporting she had been attacked by three men, who beat her, inflicting serious wounds, and then stole the bicycle she was riding.

After the alleged attack and while recovering in the hospital, the girl said her memory came back to her, and she realized what had happened.

During another interview at her home, the girl admitted to a Sandy Police detective that she had crashed the bicycle, causing injuries and a loss of memory.

She told the detective she didn’t remember the crash, and when her boyfriend found her he asked if someone had assaulted her.

Because of the extent of her injuries, she told the detective, she wasn’t thinking clearly and just went with what her boyfriend had said.

In a further description of the events of that night, June 29, the girl said she and her boyfriend had been drinking when he discovered that his dog had wandered away.

After he went looking for the dog, she decided to help find the dog by riding his bike around the neighborhood. About the time she had begun to coast down a steep hill on Cascadia Village Drive, she discovered that the bike didn’t have brakes.

And she wasn’t wearing shoes.

The bike was found the next day in some trees near Cascadia Village Drive, with its front tire flat and front rim bent.

Since there were no signs of an assault and no blood left behind on the bicycle or where the girl said she had been attacked, police were unable to gain any evidence of a crime.

Officers also determined that the nature of the injuries did not suggest an attack, so they began to pursue other options.

Questioning of the girl prior to July 11 had only produced conflicting stories or vague descriptions, said Officer Sam Craven. But the girl finally admitted that her memory improved while she was recovering in the hospital.

“No one involved will be charged with any crimes,” said Craven, “and Sandy police now consider this case closed.”

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