Sandy Post confirms recovery

After more than 700 years, The Knights Templar still have not found the Holy Grail. After just four years, however, a team here in Sandy on Wednesday found the Oktoberfest Stein, which was hidden at Jonsrud Viewpoint.

Okay, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to compare the two, and in fact the stein is found each year, but for Lily Rathbun, Chris Stultz, Aether Gibson, Don Stultz, Verna and Phil Stultz and Kyle Chard, their discovery is every bit as magical as the quest of the Knights Templar.Lily Rathbun, Aether Gibson, Chris Stultz, and Kyle Chard display the Oktoberfest stein, which they found Wednesday at Jonsrud Viewpoint. Team members not pictured are Don, Verna and Phil Stultz.

“We’ve been looking for it ever since 2010, ever since Paris Café,” said Chris Stultz, Rathbun’s fiancé.

“And this year we found it!” said Aether Gibson, Rathbun’s 7-year-old son. “Maybe now we can find it every year!”

The team had actually already checked the viewpoint a couple of days earlier, and somehow decided to check again. Rathbun went herself while Chris was at the beach with Aether.

“She had me on speaker phone and decided to take me off to start looking and because of the other people who were there looking. The moment she got off the phone I thought of a place to check so I texted her, ‘Check the fence posts.’ 30 seconds later I got a phone call and was thinking ‘oh no.’ I was sure it was going to be her saying she is watching someone carrying the stein, but instead I heard,  “I found it!”

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