-  FauxMeme Productions plans the filming of Senseless Confidential: An Absurdist Romp through the Oregon Cascades

In May 2012, author Martin Bannon released “Senseless Confidential: An Absurdist Romp through the Oregon Cascades.”

Two years later, the book’s popularity with Oregon residents persuaded Bannon, who’s real name is Marty Beaudet, to produce a film version through his Clackamas County-based film production company, FauxMeme Productions.

“Senseless Confidential” is a neo-noir comedy crime drama based in Clackamas County. After an open casting call, FauxMeme received 200 submissions for an approximately 26-role film.

Auditions are set for Sunday, Feb. 2, and Friday, Feb. 7, with callbacks on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Beaudet said they plan to shoot a trailer Feb. 19 to help reel in potential investors.

Despite getting submissions from all over the country, Beaudet hopes many of those involved in the film will be local.

Even the film crew will be pulled from no farther than Washington.

As long as funding starts coming through, shooting is planned to begin May 17.

Beaudet plans to film in Brightwood, Rhododendron, Estacada, Sandy, Boring, Damascus and the Mt. Hood National Forest.

“I really like authenticity,” Beaudet said of the way he chose to include specific details of local areas in his writing. “I like people to be able to pick out that street corner and that bar.”

Beaudet said choosing actual locations makes filming both easier and more difficult.

Although they already have locations pinpointed for them, the FauxMeme crews will have to work around the fact that much has changed during the two years since the book was released.

The Blue Moon Tavern in Boring, which was mentioned as a location in “Senseless Confidential,” has twice changed owners and names since then.

“Life goes ahead without you,” Beaudet said. “And you’re left with stand-ins.”

Uncharacteristic of the stigma that Hollywood produces with its million-dollar movie budgets, a film can cost as much money as you have available for it, Beaudet said. FauxMeme has a minimum budget defined, but Beaudet said there will be trade-offs depending on how much money is raised.

Beaudet also would like to launch a crowd funding campaign when the trailer is completed around March 1 so fans of the book can help make the movie what they’d like it to be.

As with any crowd funding project, perks will be offered to those who donate, up to an executive producer credit if they are among the major donors.

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