-  Highway 211 and Dubarko Road gets attention from ODOT

Between 2001 and 2010, 38 crashes occurred near the intersection of Highway 211 and Dubarko Road. During that time, one person was killed and two people were seriously injured.

Now, the Oregon Department of Transportation is doing something about it.

Workers began construction on the area Feb. 10. The goal is to improve visibility of drivers crossing Highway 211 on Dubarko Road, which hopefully will lower the number of crashes seen in the area. by: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - The intersection of Highway 211 and Dubarko Road is one of Oregons top 5 percent highest crash areas.

Highway 211 at Dubarko Road is one of the top 5 percent high crash locations in Oregon.

“In general, it can sometimes be tricky to judge the speed of oncoming cars,” said Don Hamilton, public information officer for ODOT. He said that hopefully increasing visibility at that intersection will help drivers to judge those speeds in the future.

In October 2011, ODOT and the city of Sandy conducted a safety audit that showed speeds of cars in the area were consistently 5 to 10 mph above the posted 45 mph speed limit.

The audit also found that visibility crossing Highway 211 on Dubarko Road is affected strongly by the fact that the road intersects with Highway 211 at a 70-degree CONTRIBUTED BY ODOT - Project Map for Oregon Department of Transportations safety improvement of the intersection of Highway 211 and Dubarko Road.

The project underway by ODOT has goals of improving the angle of the intersection by realigning Dubarko and cutting back an embankment on the north side of the road to decrease sight distance obstructions.

ODOT also will install radar signs in the area to keep drivers aware of their speed.

Although a date has yet to be determined, ODOT plans to shut down Dubarko road for two weeks as it works to realign the street to cross Highway 211 at a safer angle.

Construction on the area is estimated to be complete in October.

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