The Queen's Court has been chosen

by: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - From left, Third Princess Rebekah Rutledge, First Princess Barb Clare, Queen Donna Vedder, Second Princess Lisa Martinez and Fourth Princess Isabelle Manzano.The 2014 Sandy Mountain Festival Five Generation Queen’s Court has been selected, led by Queen Donna Vedder, 80, of Sandy.

The court also includes Barb Clare, 53, will serve as first princess, Lisa Martinez, 45, second princess, Rebekah Rutledge, 16, third princess, and Isabelle Manzano, 12, fourth princess.

The youngest princess, Manzano, said she’s excited and nervous to be selected. “It is truly a great honor,” she said.

“They are a part of Sandy history once they have served on the court,” said Lynette Proctor, of the Sandy Mountain Festival Board of Directors. “They are our ambassadors to the city.”

There is no shortage of excitement for court members.

“I am excited to see what this next year will bring and to help in any way possible,” Rutledge said. “I know it will be fun and enjoyable.”

The next step for the five members of the Queen’s Court is to select their gowns in preparation for a formal photo shoot, followed by the coronation for which a date is yet to be set.

They also are choosing nicknames for their escorts, chosen names include Sir Smokey Bear, Kodiak Bear, and, possibly, Gummy Bear.

Since 1979, the court has been chosen annually by past members of the Five Generation Court or members of the Board of Directors, after being nominated by members of the community.

“The girls represent Sandy during events like the pet show, bike derby, kids parade and of course our big parade,” Proctor said.

Other duties of the court include greeting the public at the festival in July and going to other events throughout the year, such as ribbon-cuttings and tree-lighting ceremonies.

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