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for Nov. 27, 2013

Aquatic sports ignored by school district

Our Sandy community pool is going to close because neither the school district or the city will support it. The school district had the option to repair the pool and bring it up to standard through the high school bond money, but the bond money was used to build an extremely extravagant high school building.

Also, all of the other high school sports were funded with state of the art facilities. The pool and aquatic programs got little or nothing. As a matter of fact, our state champion girls water polo team was told it would no longer be funded by our school district.

I still remember the propaganda pamphlet encouraging passage of the high school bond. It promised that other district buildings would be repaired with part of the bond money. Surely the pool should have been included in that promise.

Now the school board has stated that its main purpose is to provide for the academic atmosphere for the students. Apparently football, basketball, baseball, wrestling and tennis are part of the academic education at Sandy, but aquatic sports are not.

We have had a community pool for more than 40 years. The Sandy pool serves our community on many levels. I can not believe that others do not see the great value of having a community pool.

Sally Hayball, Boring

Editor’s note: The Oregon Trail School District has stated that pool repairs were not mentioned at any time during the campaign to pass the 2008 bond measure.

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