Health Care system has become insidious

I have a medical care/insurance rant for your reading pleasure. M’ bloodz a-boilin’ with the latest, this time from Adventist/United Health Care.

I asked the doctor about removing two cysts on my back, maybe about as big as small berries. Last time I had one removed — around 2004 — it was getting like a thumb knuckle in size. Really nasty. No hyperbole here: It took longer to check in and take my shirt off than it took the doctor to drain and remove its lodging. I was not insured, so the clinic in Sandy charged me $100 to do it.

OK, early last month, the Hoodland Clinic said they’d get back to me with the price when I asked the doctor about these latest cysts. Are you sitting down? They called a few weeks later to say it would be $1,500 — per cyst!

But, 80 percent would be covered by my insurance. Isn’t that nice?

Is it any wonder our country is imploding under the weight of medical costs and bankruptcies, and people cannot get the simple care they need because of this unconscionable stuffing-gouging-greedy-pass-it-on-to-the-taxpayers-virtually-treasonous-legalized plundering that’s going on all around us?

What the (censored) is it going to take to stop it? A total collapse? Can’t our lawmakers see how truly insidious and destructive our health care system has become?

Meanwhile, the obvious solution stares us in the face with both eyes of the blue whale in the room: The profit motive has to be removed from the equation.

Big medicine and big insurance need to be smashed up like the big banks in Iceland were after the crash in 2008, and the entire boondoggle remanded to utility status, like police, fire, schools and electric power. Presto chango! Fixed!

Oh, but the resistances of entirely selfish vested interests against any shred of common sense is so stupendous. Is it any wonder why so many people support a sketchy character like Donald Trump for president? It’s the next best thing to blowing it all up. Simply voting for chaos defers the sharp pain of powder burns, or getting any gasoline on your skin from throwing molotovs.

My two pills worth.

Edward DeVito


Wright family feels weight of freedom

While home on leave from Marine Corps boot camp in early June 1969, I walked out to get the afternoon newspaper.

A green Army van drove slowly by and stopped one house down Epperson Road from ours. The George and Helen Wright family had lost their second son to the Vietnam War.

I have driven by their house hundreds of times since that day, and have always felt a sense of guilt that I came home alive and the Wright brothers did not (“Family Honors Two Boys Lost,” Sandy Post, May 25).

George Wright Sr. is the most honorable man I have ever met. I hope we all realize the sacrifices his family has made for our freedom.

Robert York


Reynolds grateful for democratic nomination

I would like to thank the voters, our volunteers and everyone who helped with the Mark Reynolds for Representative campaign.

I’ve been privileged to meet a great number of active and energized folks who want to see progressive change in House District 52.

I’ll be calling and knocking on doors to hear about your hopes and concerns as we move toward the fall general election.

Mark Reynolds

Hood River

Contract Publishing

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