Harlan Wheeler releases creative self-help book to combat zombie-like quality of consumer-driven America

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Harlan WheelerIn a materialistic America, Brightwood author Harlan Wheeler says most people have become zombies. This means the release of his new book — "Quantum Change: A Zombie Guide to Self Help" — happened just in the nick of time.

"We, as Americans, are consumer-driven," Wheeler said. "We're all being cooked in this big zombie crockpot. There's actually scientific proof that our brains are shrinking. (This book tells) how to recognize that we are this way and combat it."

Wheeler describes his newest creation as the hypothetical result if self-help guru "Tony Robbins wrote a book on surviving a zombie apocalypse." It's a collaboration of all the things Wheeler has done in his careers as both a businessman and writer.

For 35 years, Wheeler has acted as an inspirational and motivational guide for his employees and now he has amassed "Quantum Change" from his experience to help others.

The book, which climbed to Amazon's No. 3 seller the week it was released, helps identify what kind of zombie you are, using zombie terminology.

"It's not that complicated to live a happy, healthy, authoritative, inspiring life," Wheeler said. "Everybody in the world is about three habits away from being the person they want to be. We've lost touch with what it is to be happy."

Quantum change literally is an instant change.

"You see it in nature," Wheeler said, giving the example of a snake shedding its skin.

"People can do that too," he added. Change that is. "When we witness it, we think it's pretty amazing."

Through his own experimentation, Wheeler found he could cause quantum change in another person's life, and now sees his book continuously doing that today.

"Everybody's response has been 'it motivates you to do stuff,'" he explained. "The response I've gotten is overwhelming how this has helped change people and people's lives."

Wheeler is also the author of five books of nonfiction. His books, including "Quantum Change: A Zombie Guide to Self Help," are available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

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