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Start-up baker cooks in Westmoreland kitchen

February 14, 2018 The Bee - Features David F. Ashton
If you are wondering about that 'Comissary Kitchen' on SE McLoughlin, here's one of the cooks there

SOUTHEAST HISTORY: The life of Sellwood's Chester Keller

February 02, 2018 The Bee - Features Dana Beck
Chet Keller's life spanned an entire century -- he was present for the opening BOTH Sellwood Bridges

Sustainable Life

EARTHTALKWaiting for Hot Water

February 23, 2018 Doug Moss and Roddy Scheer, EarthTalk
Dear EarthTalk: One source of water waste is running it to change from cold to hot. Any thoughts on how to deal with this? -Joanne Leussing, via e-mail

Gresham photographer offers window to wildlife

February 23, 2018 Christopher Keizur
Carol Zyvatkauskas follows her instinct of photographing creatures around the community.

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